Is Your Domain SEO Friendly?

by Baba

If you even have to ask this question, then there is a good chance that you just may have a poor domain name. However, if you still have faith in the awesome domain name you picked up last week, but are just lacking basic SEO knowledge, here are a few quick ways to determine if the name is SEO friendly:

Dot What?

The extension of your domain name, which is the .com, .edu, .info, is just as important as the name itself. If you can, always try to purchase a domain name with .com as the extension. The search engines read domain with this type of extension better. If the .com version of the domain you want isn’t available, always choose .org second. If that isn’t available, then .net is your third best option. Always try to avoid .info extensions.

Size Does Matter

Google and Amazon have nothing to do with the services they are actually providing. However, their domain names work because they are short, memorable words. While you may not have the support of enterprise SEO professionals to turn a non-related word into a household name, you want a domain name that is also short and memorable and has words in it that the search engines will be able to find all the same.

If the domain name your purchased is something along the lines of, you aren’t going to get a lot of traffic. Internet users aren’t going to want to type that in constantly, and the search engines will skip you too.

It’s All in a Name

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I said that your name doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your business, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid relevancy altogether. Nearly 80 percent of all consumers look for the product or service they want online before they choose a business to support, and you know how they find those businesses? If they don’t go to Google, then they simply type whatever they are looking for plus .com into the search bar.

So if you are going to go into business selling pizzas, then try to get It wouldn’t make sense to purchase if you were going into the pizza delivery service. You write content with keywords in mind. So you should also pick a domain name with a keyword in mind.

Finding a great domain name is tough, especially in an age where people are making money as domain brokers. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. If you find the name you’ve always wanted, make sure you are making a sound investment by purchasing a domain that is SEO friendly.

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