How to Find Profitable Niches Using Free Resources

by Baba

Hello everybody ! Baba here. Today i am going to share you information on how to find profitable niches using free resources. I am not writing “I am going to teach you” because many of you may already know these ideas, but i am sure there are lots of guys who don’t know about the methods i am going to share.

Watch The video below before proceeding …..

In the video i have mentioned about finding amazing niches using ! Alibaba is one of the biggest trading websites with lots and lots of categories. Each of the categories have 100s of mice-categories and products. Digging deeper into them you can find low-competitive high-profitable niches/micro-niches. Since many products based of these niches are being traded/sold in alibaba you can be 100% sure that these niches and products are profitable.

What are other ways on finding profitable niches ?

Guys, alibaba is just an example site that i gave you. There are lots of other websites like Digg deep into these sites and discover some great niches. If you are looking to make money online then you need to take action. Small information is enough to get started if you take action. If you don’t, then having a full course of 100$ from gurus also won’t help.

Okay, I found the niche, now what ?

I know you will ask this. Finding niche doesn’t mean you are done and money will start rolling. In the video i have also told about finding good keywords related to the niche and build website based on those keywords. Write quality content, give useful tips and articles to users. Do not just focus of keywords or density of keywords and other seo aspects. As long as you write useful article for visitors no need to worry on other things.  Your english may be poor like mine, or you feel bored writing articles (I hate writing articles), in such cases just hire some good writers. They will charge from $1 to $5 per 100 words depending on the quality of content you want. I generally use $2/100 words writers ! You can always contact me for help.

I have a website ready with quality content but there is no money coming ..

Hehehehe, some guy said once If wishes were horses, beggars would ride and i think whoever said that said well. If you could generate money easily online then beggars won’t be in street probably. Making money is not always easy for all. If money comes easily, you will not progress so it is good thing. Work hard, earn, be satisfied. There are lots of so called “spoiled” child of rich parents who are enjoying their life, spending money. In my opinion, they are wasting their life without any enjoyment. Anyways, back to the topic ..

You will need to do seo stuffs then .. OMG, its long process till the money comes guys. Build some backlinks or pay for backlinks to someone. I have already posted few articles on how to optimize your website to get good ranking in search engines and will continue to do so. So keep following my blog if you think it will be helpful.

All you need is traffic. Once people start coming to your niche website you can then you can use adsense ads, affiliate products to make money. Besides from these, selling banner ad space is another method of generating some quick cash.  You can also sell the website on flippa !

All the best and take action ! See you in Next Article.

BTW, I have made a course which includes everything from finding good niches, building quality website/content, doing seo and getting cool ranking in google, generate free traffic and money ! If you wish to purchase simply contact me. It costs $100 only for limited time.

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