Google PageRank has no relation with SEO.

by Baba

Well, the google page rank is a simple algorithm based on backlinks. Its very easy to make your site get page rank 6 but its petty hard to get your site ranked on 6th position of for targeted keyword. You can see that PR0 site are on #1 rank on PR7 site no where ranked !

Does google page rank doesn’t help even a little for SEO ?

Google Page Rank only doesn’t help even a little for seo. But, if you do some search engine optimization work and also have a good rank then it will surely help to boost your ranking. You can see that many directories rank sites according to pagerank. Lets say, you have submitted your site to over 2000 web directories and then you have pagerank 6 then there you will be listed on first page of those directories giving you solid backlink. This will surely help you to boost ranking.

Understand that you can get pagerank 5 with a single backlink but it never helps for seo. However, if you have 100 backlinks then of course your rank position in search engine will boost. Also, these backlinks will give you page rank.

Why i see often high PR site ranked on top of search engines ?

Though i said above that even high pr pages are no where ranked for targeted keyword in search engine but you may often see that high pr pages on first page of search engine. This is because they have 1000s of backlinks which helped in SEO and also gave PR.

Note : I hope you are clear about page rank and SEO. SEO depends on many factors and will be surely discussed here. But PageRank only depends on backlink. So, getting high PR won’t give you better ranking in search engines.

Also, its fact that people generally search high PR pages and if you have high pr site they will surely find it. Then they may follow your site for posting backlinks etc. This will give you more traffic and when there are more traffic you may see your search engine position boosting. ! Whatever, but the matter i wanted to discuss here is PR and SEO and totally unrelated ! I hope you have understood the points. Comments are welcome.

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