Easy to Use Blog Themes With Powerful Built-In SEO

by Baba

The difference between a great WordPress theme and a poor one is often the difference between fantastic success and hair-pulling frustration. Your theme manages how your site looks, how your site is managed, how users navigate your site and how your site interacts with search engines.

Here are a few themes options, as well as how to configure them to rank well in search engines.


Thesis is a robust blogging platform with a large development community behind it. In other words, unlike other themes with just one developer, Thesis is developed with a whole community of programmers that contribute to the project.

It’s extremely easy to change just about anything on your site with Thesis. You can go from one column to two columns to three columns easily. You can customize colors, fonts and all the design from the design menu.

You can customize just about everything on the site in Thesis’s built-in options, without having to edit any HTML or CSS.

Thesis is built with SEO, ease of editing, clear design and ease of navigation for the user in mind.

Clickbump Engine

Clickbump is a fast-loading, easy to setup theme designed to generate clickthroughs to affiliate products or AdSense websites.

In addition, Clickbump basically eliminates the need for all outside SEO plugins. It’ll change your title tag, name your slugs and do just about everything else for you.

CTR Theme

CTR theme is specifically designed to increase your AdSense CTRs. Instead of placing your ad in just one location on your site, CTR Theme will randomize it so people don’t just automatically ignore your ads.

The theme is built based on Google’s recommended ad placements. In addition, it comes with 3 subthemes, so you can easily change how the ad placements and website in general looks.

Elements of SEO

A free SEO-tailored theme. Its look is highly professional and well suited to business blogs. It allows you to upload your own banner at a single click, change your archive settings easily and edit much of the design within the options.

It’s also updated regularly, so you can be assured that the theme will keep up to date with the latest WordPress features.

Customizing Your Blog

Once you have your blog theme setup, the next step is to customize it. Here are a few of the most important things to customize.

First, add your About Me, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages. While Google won’t kick your site off for not having these, it’s considered good SEO practice to have these pages. If you’re running AdSense, having a good Privacy Policy and TOS is required.

Then change your permalink structure to /%postname%. This will make your post URLs easier for search engines to read.

Finally, update your blog ping list. You can get a full list from http://mat7.com/blog. Updating your ping list will give your blog more exposure on more blog directories.

Once you’ve setup an SEO-friendly theme and customized your blog, you’ll have as close to a perfect framework for ranking as possible.

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