Content Syndication for Instant Article Rankings

by Baba

Don’t want to put in the tedious work building backlinks to make your articles rank for their targeted keywords? You don’t have to. Instead, you can easily outsource it to a content syndication network that’ll get backlinks to all your articles for you.

Once you’re signed up to one of these networks, it can take as little as 5 minutes to get 20 to 100 one-way backlinks to your article. Naturally, that’ll propel your article past much of the competition.

Here are a few well known and proven content syndication networks.

Build My Rank

Build My Rank is a complete package solution for content syndication. You don’t even have to write the article if you don’t want to – they have in house writers that’ll do it all for you.

Once you have an article, provided by you or them, they’ll then publish your article on an aged domain with a high page rank. Then you’ll get 25 to 75 backlinks automatically generated to the article.

Within a week or two, the new high-PR article will get picked up. Assuming you chose a keyword without extremely high competition, you’ll have a very good chance of ranking for that keyword.

Article Ranks

Article Ranks is a very innovative exchange network for article marketers. Basically, website owners can choose to publish articles written by other people in exchange for credits. With enough credits, you can then publish your article on other people’s websites.

Alternatively, you can pay a monthly subscription to publish your articles on other people’s websites. In other words, by accessing the Article Ranks directory you can post your article on a real website rather than on an article directory.

Free Traffic Service

Free Traffic Service is a backlink building service that’ll get you backlinks from inside actual blog posts, rather than just from resource boxes or navigation boxes.

These links are often from deep-linked pages with the occasional home page thrown in, just the way Google likes it.

All the links are from different sites, with different C-class IPs. In other words, they’re virtually untraceable as from the same source.

In short, Free Traffic Service is a powerful service for generating a lot of backlinks to your articles.

Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot is an article spinning and submission software built into one. All you need to do is write your article, define the synonyms and alternate sentences/paragraphs and hit the send button.

AMR also has several advanced features like CAPCHA bypass on article directories, as well as “learning rewrites” that’ll quickly figure out just how you want your articles rewritten and do it for you faster.

Getting backlinks and traffic to your articles doesn’t have to be difficult. These services can get your articles on high-PR domains, as well as get backlinks to your articles. They can rewrite your articles as well as blast out your articles. Using just one or any combination of these strategies will virtually guarantee rankings for your articles.

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