Death from Swine Flu in Nepal

by Baba

I found that two people were dead because of the H1N1 Virus here in Nepal. This was first case of death from swine flu in Nepal. The news has helped to make people more scared about swine flu. Also, there is high chance of the flu being spread over the city soon. Main reason behind is mismanaged city.

Will Swine Flu spread rapidly in Nepal now ?

In my opinion flu will now hit the country badly. People are unaware about it and are also careless which is more than enough for the flu to enter. 🙁
Though only two people are dead there and hundreds infected from the deadly flu here.

How to be secure ?

Petty hard. Use preventive methods like masks and try not to be in mass. Choose morning time if you are planning to go out. Also, doing regular exercises will help you much. If flu doesn’t get suitable environment in your body then it can’t stay there anymore. If you are already infected with some diseases and are unhealthy then flu will attack you though you try to be far from it and use preventive methods because flu is in the air. However, using preventive methods is must.

After Infection .. Any medicines ?

Some vaccines have arrived here but still not effective. You will hardly get good health care in hospitals if you are infected. Lets hope this problem will be solved soon so that i could easily get treatment in case affected. LOL .. Not only me, all of you 🙂

Well Guys, think of some idea to kill flu, if it is not possible then lets make worst environment for flu so that it won’t be able to stay here.

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