Blog Success Review

by Baba

So many people are interested in starting blogs these days. They start blogs and some actually make money from them. For those that are just getting started, or are trying to get their blogs to make money, there’s This is another website organized by Jack Humphrey, one of the most popular blog gurus on the Internet. This is a membership website and is an updated version of Jack’s previous training website, Authority Site Center.

Blog Success gives you articles, webinars, videos, tech support and a lot more that will help you make your blog more profitable and successful. This site always has an amazing tech support team for WordPress blogs that’s included in your monthly membership fee. The training is set up so that you can complete a specified number of tasks every day for 60 days. These tasks are very different from one another. It might take you an hour to do some of them and as much as a day to finish others. It really depends on how much you already know about blogging and blogging platforms.

The Training

There are 5 major aspects to creating and maintaining a blog successfully. All 5 of these are covered in the Blog Success. They are:

  • The Blogging Mindset
  • The Blog Post Content
  • How to get Traffic
  • How to Monetize Your Blog
  • Technical Assistance

Not only will you learn these 5 crucial aspects of blogging, but the training also includes:

  • Weekly webinars where Jack shows you what HE’S working on that particular week.
  • How you can find the most popular market to blog about and make the maximum amount of profits from  it.
  • How you can create and develop exciting blog content that will attract readers like ants to sugar.
  • How you can get search engines to notice your blog and rank it for the best keywords and keyword phrases to attract the readers that are interested in your topic.
  • What the dozens of various ways are that you can make money from your blog. This covers everything from advertising to affiliate products to simply creating your very own top selling products and services.
  • How you can optimize your blog so it starts growing explosively in only minutes after you launch it.
  • How you can have your own money-making blog in just a half hour or less.
  • How to go about getting all of the RSS subscriptions to your blog that you want and need.
  • What are the blog “plug-ins” that you must have and the ones that aren’t worth your time or money.
  • What methods you can use to draw the maximum amount of traffic to your blog without doing anything that could get you permanently banned from the search engines.
  • How you can make new visitors into loyal readers of your blog without having to spend hours slaving over your copy.
  • What the one thing is that makes the difference between a wildly successful blog and one that’s just ho-hum or a failure.
  • How you can become the trusted guru in your niche; the one that people love buying from or going to for recommendations.
  • How you can have exciting content on your blog without having do the writing yourself or without having to spend a fortune for it.
  • The almost secret methods you can use to take your blog from no visitors to practically thousands of them just overnight.
  • Get thousands of new visitors to visit your blog without spending a dime.
  • The secret to using your blog to get top rankings on the search engines.
  • How you can develop the mindset you must have to have a successful blog as well as a successful life.
  • The secret technique that will have traffic on your blog skyrocketing. It’s almost guaranteed to work and is only known by a few bloggers.
  • What are the advanced tips that are only known by the real blog experts that will take your blog to the highest success levels.
  • How you can market your blog so that people MUST visit it.
  • The free marketing techniques that will turn your blog into a profit maker 24/7.
  • Blog money making techniques that will bring you five figure checks regularly in no time.
  • How you can start making the money you need from your blog that will allow you to quit that boring day job and forever leave the rat race.

All of these things will be shared with you at Blog Success, but that still doesn’t cover everything you get in your membership. Yes, there’s even more!

Who It Is For

Blog Success is designed for those people that want to become recognized names in blogging. If you’re serious about taking your blog to the limit, then this course can help you do just that. It’s also for those people that just need to know how to setup a blog the right way and how to get lots of traffic to it for social reasons. However, if that’s all you need it for, there are parts of this course you can skip.

The Bad

The only thing that may be considered a negative to Blog Success is that there’s a lot to learn. Beginners may find it a bit overwhelming at first. However, as long as you follow the 60 day plan, you won’t have any problems.

In Conclusion

Blog Success is definitely worth at least investigating if you’re serious about setting up and running a blog that will make money for you. It’s a very comprehensive course and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from it. Currently, you can take advantage of a 60 day trial period. This means that you only pay $47 a month for the first 2 months you’re a member. If you don’t like the program during that time, you may receive a full refund. So you really have nothing to lose and, possibly, a lot to gain from trying it out.

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