Bajeko Sekuwa Review

by Baba

If you love Nepali Food, i can assure you Bajeko Sekuwa is best in the town ! The Jhaneko Sekuwa Set is yummiest Sekuwa i ever had.  I had heard about it since long but had never visited because i thought its one of the many such sekuwa corners located in the city. When i read about in a Daily newspaper i decided to give it a go and then visited same day. I went to its main outlet in Battishputali. I ordered Jhaneko Sekuwa Set ASAP and TASS later. It was best one ! 🙂 Comes with Chiura and Bhatmas, Potato (nepali style), little soup and Achar. The sekuwa comes hot in a iron tawa and looks awesome too.

My next visit was just few days after … Ordered MOMOs too that day and i have to say momos were also good. Then i have been visiting it often .. If you order Jambodeep Haddiko Soup, which comes in big bowl, you will definitely say “WOW”. I had VEG dinner once and wasn’t much impressed with it. However, Bajeko Sekuwa is best known for Sekuwa and they are the best !! Talking about drinks, they had Gold label, which i emptied one day (was one of those bad nights in my life ) … It was given to me @ of Premium Whisky though its bit expensive. There are varieties of Sekuwa’s starting from Normal Sekuwa, Sada Sekuwa, Jhaneko Sekuwa, Rajkhani Sekuwa, Kalejo, Hyakula. I also saw Jibro, Aankha, Kaan and Gidi Fry which sounded horrible to me but i am sure people who have been eating know the taste of it.

Bill came with discount and VAT, SC added on it. Price is really cheap compared to its standard. .. You should visit it as soon as you see my review 😀

Jhaneko Sekuwa Set – Nrs. 290

Normal Sekuwa Range from Nrs. 150-200

Haddi Soup – Nrs. 90

Veg Khana Set – Nrs.145

Premium Whiskey – 475/60ml

Cheers !!!




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