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Last updated on March 22nd, 2024 at 03:15 pm

Angry Birds has turned out to be amongst the most popular, in other words the unsurpassed downloaded Game for iPhones from the iPhone applications store in addition to the android markets.

As said by CNET, till 2010 (December), the Angry Birds have been downloaded approximately to the tune of 50 million across all the platforms. I won’t be wrong to say that currently it must have crossed the 100 million mark for its download’s!


Release of the Angry Birds for PC

The game titled Amazing Angry Birds is NOW accessible on even a PC! Isn’t that amazing news for all gamers? Well, the Angry Bird Developers released the Angry Birds meant for PC and now the fans can play the game on their Mac & their PC’s.

There is another interesting bit that has been injected- the seasons (that are soon to come) plus the Angry Birds Rio version have been released for the PC. These are quite different, which is what makes it even more interesting for the gamer than playing the same old original versions.

Majority of crazy Angry Birds fans lost out on the fun as they didn’t have mobile phones that supported the apps. Now, there’s great news for you all, Rovio has come out with an edition of the Angry Birds for PC by the use of the Intel AppUp site. The gamer now needs just a computer that has a Windows 7 or a Windows XP (no need for an official Mac or Windows Vista support). Thanks to advancements, over and above playing games online on the phone browser, the gamer can in addition download the same to his/her laptop! So there’s absolutely no requirement for an internet connection.

Cost for the Angry Birds for PC version is $4.99 (the only requirement is a credit card for payment), this version includes 225 levels. Even though there isn’t a free download obtainable, however, once the gamer purchases the version, he/she will be given all future updates free of cost. Strangely, if you don’t enjoy or like the version, you are allowed the option of a refund (24 hrs after purchasing the version).

Rovio alleges that the gaming version for PC has special features that aren’t available on any other platform/s. In keeping with the narrative from their official website, the game should be more fun:

The endurance of Angry Birds is now at risk. Dole out vengeance on those greedy green pigs that stole Birds eggs. Employ the exclusive destructive supremacy of Angry Birds to desecrate the pigs’ defense. The Angry Birds marks endless hours of tricky physics-based annihilation game play, in the company of loads of rerun value!!!

All levels require a blend of skill, brute force & logic to defeat the enemies. 225 features where the gamer protects wildlife in addition to saving Angry Birds!

If you’re looking to grab an Angry Birds for PC, then this is just the place to find out! all you need to do is follow these simple steps:


  • is where you need to head. Once there, download the Intel AppUp application and then install the same on the PC.
  • Explore and look around for the Angry Birds for PC when you find the AppUp. I recommend that you go here and then download the edition.


*Note- this is for all Windows Vista consumers. You can attempt to download & install the Angry Birds for PC simply by running the Intel AppUp in a compatible mode. Some people have tried it out and claim that it really does work!


Free Download – Angry Birds for PC

If you are interesting in getting a free download for the Angry Birds for PC, then one can simply download a demo edition of the Angry Birds for PC from an Angry Birds PC Shop.


Full Version- Angry Birds for PC

The full version of the Angry Birds for PC now has newer, complete levels & is exciting to play. If a gamer wishes to unlock a full version, he/she can do so by purchasing the activation keys for every game he/she wishes to own.

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