10 Best Linux Distros in Existence For General Use

by Loosifer

Last updated on November 7th, 2012 at 10:52 am

Linux comes in many tastes or we call it distros. Each of them are different from each other in size, accessibility, features and functions. Hardwares are also an important factor to consider. The most popular OS is not what you are using on your system, it is just in your pocket. Yes, Android. May be you don’t have known that you are already a Linux user.

Android, it is the most popular Linux distro of all time. But, we are discussing about best Linux Distros for your desktop. Have a look on the list and let us know about your experiences with any of these.

Fedora | Download

Fedora is Linux distribution for the community and sponsored by Red Hat, an American company. It is a very popular Linux distribution and famous for its earlier use of new version softwares and excellent user interface.

Ubuntu/etc | Download

It is one of the most popular Linux distro with largest numbers of software’s. The idea of free CD distribution is one of the reason behind the popularity. It is available in both server and desktop editions. Maintained and derived by Canonical LTD and Debian respectively.

openSUSE | Download

It is a brilliant Linux platform to explore and discover. This is also a distribution for the community which has been Novell, an American Company.

Debian | Download

Debian is base of many other available Linux distro’s and offers you a huge selection of programs to use and to explore with it. What makes it special is that the distribution is organized by community of volunteer developers. It is distributed for free.

Linux Mint | Download

It is one of the most popular Linux distributions and getting better day by day. It offers you a garland of features and makes it easy in use in use. It is currently available with Gnome 3 shell and based on Ubuntu.

PCLinuxOS | Download

This is an combination of all other Linux distributions to provide you an excellent user interface.

PinGuy OS | Download

This Linux distribution is designed for general uses and functions. It enables you to set up an easy to use Out of Box through a number of customizations.

Slackware | Download

This is one of the oldest distro in existence and very appropriate in functions. But, you have to be a Linux lover and very good in commands to use it. This is the oldest Linus distribution developed in 1993 and organized by Patrick J. Volkerding.

Gentoo | Download

This is not designed for new users but very rich in performance. The distro is focused on system specific optimization. It is specially developed for power users and well known for FreeBSD ports.

Hybryde Evolution | Download

This platform is based on Ubuntu and enables you to use different desktop environments without even restarting. It offers you many futuristic options and let you experience an excellent OS platform.

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