What to look when Starting your Own Website

by Baba

Its really a great thing to start your First Website, but as many having your first website is such a feeling that many times we take some steps which are not fruitful in long run.

The two of such step is choosing Domain Name Registrar and Web Hosting, apart from this another factors which are necessary to consider are like website design and content.

The first step for a Website is Domain Name, it is your identity, so be careful in choosing it and more careful in from where you are getting. There are many things to consider like whether you will be the owner of the domain or not. Also will you be able to change the DNS, Name Servers, Transfer your domain name etc. Since domain name will be the only thing which you don’t want to loose. So its better to select a good registrar. I would like to say go for Godaddy or name.com (Though I myself have a domain reseller account but for ethical purpose I won’t announce it here. I wan’t to be neutral 🙂 ).

Then Second Important factor is Web Hosting, When you register a domain name then its half work done. You will need to host your website somewhere. There are lot of options available which may confuse a new person.  So be specific with you requirements and don’t even think to select any host who is giving you unlimited space for less price. Do remember Hosting Does cost, so you would be fool if you think you can get 100 GB space for price less than $10 per month. Also there is no need for taking 100 GB Space as you won’t be using more than 1 GB of space for personal website. So first identify your space and bandwidth requirement and then select a webhost who is atleast one year old in market or you know them personally.  Also if your website is based on ASP then select Windows Hosting otherwise Linux Hosting would be good and cheap for your requirement.

One thing to remember, don’t get domain from your Hosting Provider, register domain separately. This way you can switch your hosting provider without getting in trouble.

Then the portion comes is of Website design, there are hundreds of Free and Paid Designs available on Internet and you can also create your own design. Do Remember, never go for pirated website template, it would bring you only trouble as your web host can suspend you account on the ground of TOS. Also don’t remove the copyright link of the free template as it is also like stealing. My best suggestion will be create your own design this way you will have an unique design which will look beautiful. You can use Dreamweaver or Xara Website builder they are both easy to use and great softwares.

Content, is the most essential part, shall be unique and updated regularly. This way you will get return visitors. If you are having a blog then you can add a post daily or if you can’t then ask your friends to make some posts regularly. This way you will have unique content updated which will keep your visitors stick to your website.

So, above I have mentioned all the important aspects. There are many more things for a successful website like unique graphics, Search Engine Optimization, and much more. You can also earn from your website by placing advertisement on your website.

So have a nice time creating your first website.

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ResearchGuru April 12, 2010 at 2:30 am

Probably you have mentioned that registering a domain is half of the work done…but i don’t think so…just because registering a good domain and choosing proper web-host is only a start point….you said yourself that your site too wasn’t indexed for about a month of its launch…so i guess SEO plays a vital role….
Well to be precise registering a domain, choosing proper web-host and Good articles in site is the half part done….after that all we have to do to complete the other half of the work is SEO…(personal view, no offence).
Regards, Guru


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