Vtech – Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera

by Baba

It seems like owning a digital camera is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, especially if you are looking to bring out the creativity inside of you.  Parents who want to help their kids develop that creativity and imagination while watching their child learn, enjoy and discover the world can do so by purchasing Vtech’s Kidizoom Spin and Smile Digital Camera.  It’s the perfect tool for your child to discover their artistic side.  This digital camera is manufactured for kids of all ages and has so many features to keep their minds and hands busy.   Its features include:

• 20 megapixels, 4x zooming ability, and a self-timer which allows them to capture what they see in the world in several different ways.  Even from afar, they can capture photographs of anything that grabs their interest.

• A lens that rotates so you can even take self-portraits.  If your child wants to be part of the picture while still having the ability to be the photographer, he or she is able to just twist the rotating lens so that he can see the picture he is taking of himself.

• Applications that allow you to take pictures with funny and silly backgrounds, stamps and borders.  Children love having the ability to add funny little stamps or borders to their pictures for that extra creativity and uniqueness on the photograph.

• Video recording with a built in microphone to record sounds as well.  They can make their own little movies or shows.

• Internal memory of 256 MB with a SD card slot for extra memory expansion.  They can store a ton of pictures and videos on their camera without having to delete them right away.  That they may share it with family and friends who weren’t around at the time they took it.

• 5 different games they can play when their attention diverts away from taking photographs or videos.  When the day dies down and they need a break from pictures and videos, they can sit back, relax and choose from 5 games to play.

• Lightweight.  Because it is only 1.3 pounds, your child will enjoy taking this camera everywhere he goes.

This camera/video game is going to bring a smile to your child’s face.  They will be able to spend hours on discovering the world on their own.  And if that tires them out, they can play video games.  This toy is a good way to bring out the photographer or videographer in your little one, but adults can also enjoy it as well.  It is well worth the money, and your child will have hours of fun!

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