“Twitter was hacked” , how safe may we be ?

by Baba

Twitter was hacked day before, though for about an hour but there are millions users who use twitter daily. So, many of us were affected by the hack. The biggest question now arises which is : How safe are we ? You can be sure that your site can be hacked easily if some hackers really want to do.

Why hackers would hack your site ?

I have found (personally) that hackers won’t be interested on hacking normal sites which are not popular. Here i am talking about professional hackers not the learners. But, you may find that though being a normal site it got hacked. This is because hackers first try to hack other sites which are hosted on same server on which their targeted site is hosted. Big company always use dedicated server but there still are shopping and e commerce sites which use shared hosting. So, they first try to hack another site on the same server and then go to their targeted site. This can be a reason of being your site hacked.

The other point is baby hackers (Learners) will try to hack normal and small sites first. Generally, we are careless about our site security and it gets hacked by such hackers. Another reason can be using CMS application like wordpress, joomla. People while trying to hack wordpress, joomla sites accidently they may try from your site if you are using those CMS so that if succeeded they will keep hacking most sites using that CMS.

I don’t see any other of being hacked beside these. If you get any then please use the comment box and write there.

What do hackers get by hacking ?

Learning something is great. They will learn how to hack.
Professional hackers hack online banking system, credit card information and online shopping sites which will make them millionaire. (Probably)
Blackmailing – Yes, if someone hacks your site once and then tells you if you don’t me $10000 a month i will keep hacking your site and if you pay me i will look after the security of your site then you are blackmailed. You will have two option, either to pay the hacker or to pay the security person. LOL

If you have anything to share then let me know please !

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