Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower Review

by Baba

Spoil Your Dad for Christmas 2011 with the Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower

If you have a dad that loves working in the yard, it is likely his goal is to have equipment that can make yard work as easy as possible. While there are many pieces of equipment that can almost seem like they make yard work even harder, this is not true of the Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower. Not only is it a high-powered leaf blower, but it is also a handy leaf shredder and vacuum as well. Having a 3-in-1 blower such as this can help a great deal in making many different tasks much easier to accomplish, and in half the time. An advantage that makes it even easier is the blower is very lightweight, as it only weighs about 7.5 pounds. This is a benefit that helps significantly in decreasing muscle strain injuries
Features That Make the Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower so Popular
Routine chores around the yard can be fun, rather than something that has to be dreaded when this 3-in-1 electric blower is used. A few of the other reasons you’ll want to consider the Toro 51599 as a gift for your dad on Christmas 2011 are as follows:
• It is built from durable and high quality materials, which means it will endure even under the toughest of conditions.
• It includes vacuum tubes, power unit, vacuum bag, blower tubes, and an easy to understand operation manual.
• There’s no more tripping over the power cord as it features a special cord-lock system.
• It can be used as a powerful leaf blower, a leaf shredder, and a handy vacuum.
• As much as 235 mph of airflow is delivered through the vast variable speed motor and metal impeller.
• The output of this blower is much cleaner and quieter than other gas units that are similar.
Achieve Better Results When the Power Received Matches the Job at Hand
Regardless if your dad just likes to piddle around in the yard, or he’s looking at completing a large clean-up job, this is the electric blower to do the job right. The motor on the unit is a 12 Amp variable speed. This gives users the opportunity to select from speeds that range from 112 mph up to 235 mph. This is a huge advantage when the speeds you need to select for specific jobs are quite different. Most any dad will appreciate the maximum levels of performance and power that is delivered with the Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower. This is achieved through balancing the speed of air and the volume of air.
The quick-release latch that is featured allows for a quick conversation from a leaf blower to a vacuum. Leaves are also easy to shred with the unit’s magnesium metal blades that are serrated and located on the impeller. This makes the task of preparing fine mulch for your garden area or lawn extremely easy. Not only is this a benefit that can save money, but it is also beneficial for the environment as well.
Purchasing the Toro 51599 Ultra Electric Blower for this holiday season will ensure he has the versatility and the power needed to tackle even the toughest of jobs.

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