Task Manager Has been Disabled – Virus Affected


Last updated on March 12th, 2024 at 07:43 am

Guys, are you unable to access task manager and get message ” Task manager has been disabled ” when you press Alt+Ctrl+Del ? This is first symptom when your PC is infected with virus. In most of the cases i have experienced that task manager and registry editor will be disabled after virus enters in your PC.

What after Virus infection ?

Best way would be to be safe before. However, in some cases if you are already infected by virus then i would suggest you to install good anti-virus program and run a scan. However this may not help you because the anti virus program itself can be infected while you are installing it. You should try once.
I would highly recommend ESET SMART SECURITY and Counterspy Anti Spyware program to be 90% safe. I assume that we can never be sure of 100% secured.

Run scan of both and many infections will be removed instantly.

How to enable task manager ?

Go to run and type : gpedit.msc
Then go to administrative templates < system < Ctrl+Alt+del option and then clcik. You will see Remove Task Manager option. Cleck there and enable option. Click Apply and then again click to not configured. Finish !

Now click Apply and you are done. Doing this won’t remove virus but task manager will be enabled.

Lets make Virus Free PC. :))

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