Sub-Headings your research papers must contain

by Baba

This article aims at helping you to understand the requirements and basic style which lead to impressive research papers . The guidelines also hold true for term papers.

Title page:
The title should be informative and relative to the entire paper. Include names and addresses of all authors and contributors, and the date submitted.

The summary should sum up the basic content in the article entirely. The word count of the summary should be no more than two hundred words. The general intent of an abstract is to have a concise summary of the completed work, or a work in progress in one paragraph.

A good introduction is always appreciated by readers, and should not exceed more than two pages. The intent behind an introduction is to accustom the reader with the rationale behind the work.

Material and methods:
The paragraph should be kept as short as possible. The intention of this section is to put forth the materials and methods used; this is done to enable a reviewer to understand the scientific merit of the research papers or term papers in question.

The purpose is to explain to your audience is to illustrate and present your findings and interpretation of the situation based on the information collected.

The objective of the discussion is to put forth your interpretation and support your conclusions, backed up with evidence from your experiment.

Literature cited:
The writer should document all sources from which information is taken. It is advised to not take information from websites as they tend to be unreliable.

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