Start A Web Design Business Review

by Baba

With the introduction of home computers and the fact that nearly everyone has one, many people have considered starting their own web design business. Before you wonder why they would want to do that, consider that every website you see on the Internet had to be designed by someone. When you think about just how many of these websites are in existence, you’ll also understand that there’s no way that just one person, or even thousands of people, could be responsible for designing all of those different websites. In fact, there are more and more websites being set up every day. You can see just how much a good web designer would be needed and in huge demand. If this is something that you feel is a good fit for yourself, it may be time to take the necessary steps to start your web design business.

Now, if this is something that you’ve dreamed about for a while, it may also be something that you have no idea where to start. That’s where Start a Web Design Business put together by freelancer John Roberts. He’s been working from his home in Brisbane, Australia since March 2001 as a successful web designer. In fact, John has been so successful that he now wants to share the knowledge that he’s gained over the years with others that want to follow along the same path.

Who It’s For

Any budding web designer or freelancer that wants to be running a very successful web design business can gain quite a bit from Start a Web Design Business startup business kit. When you follow the information provided for you in this kit, you can be assured of having a methodical and professional approach to every one of your web projects. When you choose to buy this web design business kit, you’ll gain knowledge about many things, including:

  • Discovering the proven strategies and techniques for starting a web design business
  • Learning very effective web based business systems that come with lots of added earning power
  • How to be sure that you’re legally covered with comprehensive contracts and documents
  • How to find higher profile clients, get more work and earn more money
  • The way to address issues with a project before development begins such as scope creep, change requests, cancellations and payment terms
  • Learning how to charge appropriately for your web designs and be paid your true worth
  • Making sure that payments are tracked and received in an orderly way
  • Finding the fast track by getting out of writing your own contracts, financial spreadsheets and documentation

What You Get

The Start a Web Design Business kit offers you everything needed to set up and start your web design business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a freelancing veteran, there’s something in this kit for you. This is a clear step by step guide for anyone that wants to start a web design business that’s successful but has no clue where to start.

In the kit, you’ll find a 198 page ebook called “How to Start Your Own Freelance Web Design Business. It’s packed with techniques and strategies that are proven to work in building your web design business into the success that you’ve dreamed of.  You’ll also get more than 67 documents, contracts, templates and other things you need that will have up and running in no time. These include:

  • A financial balance sheet
  • The spreadsheet of Break Even Analysis
  • The Budget Planner Spreadsheet
  • The Spreadsheet for Business Financials
  • A Template for a Business Plan
  • A Reference Sheet for a Business Plan
  • The Business Startup Checklist
  • A Spreadsheet for Startup Expenses
  • A Spreadsheet for Cash Flow Forecast
  • A form for Client Needs Analysis
  • A form for New Client Profile
  • A Template for Web Project Brief
  • An Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • A Template for an Outsource Request for Quote Project Brief
  • Authorization Form for Website Access
  • Document for Client Domain Registration Details
  • A Letter for Domain Name Prospecting
  • A Form for Domain Name Registration
  • Letter for a Deadline Extension Request
  • Letter for Failure to Meet a Deadline Apology
  • Apology Letter to Regain Customer Good Faith
  • Letter for Request for Content
  • A Document for Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
  • Form for Copyright Authorization
  • Form for Credit Card Authorization
  • Contract for Hosting Agreement
  • Contract for Web Development
  • Contract for Website Maintenance Contract
  • A Spreadsheet for Marketing Budget Plan
  • Template for a Fax Header
  • Template for a Memorandum
  • A Fee Increase Letter
  • Overdue Account Letters: First, Second and Final Reminders
  • Thank You for Choosing to Work with Us Letter
  • Spreadsheet for Profit Loss Statement
  • Various Business Prospecting Letters
  • Various Thank You Letters

You get all of these templates, contracts and documents plus many, many more. Everything you could ever possibly need to start up and run your web design business. You’ll seriously never need to try to figure out where to get any of the paperwork that’s needed in running your business. It’s all right there in the kit!

In Conclusion

All in all the Start a Web Design Business Kit is everything that you need when you’re ready to get serious about having your own web design business and making it a successful one. It only costs a onetime fee of $67 and this comes with a full money back guarantee if you find that it’s not to your liking or it isn’t everything you thought it would be. The templates, contracts and documents seem to worth the price all by themselves but you also get instructions on setting up your business and running it. You really can’t lose by trying it out.

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