Some of the Best Free iPhone Apps

by Baba

When Apple released the iPhone, one thing that got everyone excited was its versatility. This was due largely to the user’s ability to personalize it using the popular Apple App store. Apps are programs that can be downloaded to your phone to perform various functions that the phone wouldn’t normally do. Though these apps range in functionality from being incredibly useful to downright entertaining, downloading a lot of them can also get pretty expensive. Fortunately there are also many free iPhone apps, some of them of very high quality.

The best free iPhone apps can be almost anything including, games that are fun an addicting, price comparison tools to save you more money, video and sports statistic searches, as well as some larger company sponsored apps such as the new york times and eBay mobile. Regardless of what the app does, it needs several qualities to make it a good free iPhone app.

First of all the App needs to be free. However many free iPhone apps come with problems that do not appear in the apps you pay for. The best free iPhone apps minimize these problems making them easy to use. They are no over populated with advertisements, which can be frustrating, and are for the most part bug free, seldom crashing in the middle of using them. These qualities usually increase the app’s popularity in the Apple app store. The content of the app is also important. How functional is it? Does it make you want to play or use it again? This will determine how long you want to keep it on your iPhone before you are bored with it. Finally, it helps if the app is not too large a file to download, which can take a lot of time and limit the space available for other apps on your phone.

Best Free iPhone Apps

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Some of the most useful free iPhone apps are simply interfaces for websites that you probably use all the time. These make it much easier to operate search engine and social networking websites.

  1. 1.       The Google Mobile App loads the Google home page with a click of a button, instead of having to type it in the web address. From there it is easy to search websites, videos, and images.
  2. 2.       The Facebook App allows you to sync your facebook page with your phone, Letting you update statuses and load pictures.
  3. 3.       TwitterApp is also popular. Like Facebook, it allows you to send and view tweets, all while away from your computer.
  4. 4.       The eBay mobile app, mentioned above, is especially useful when you are in a bidding war over a particular item, being able to get updates and make bids on the go will certainly give you a leg up on competitors who are stuck at their computers.

While these apps only focus on one website, some of the best free iPhone apps utilize the whole web, acting like search engines on your phone.

  1. 5.       Save Benjis can search online and compare over 15 million products from more than one thousand popular stores. By displaying all of these in one place, it makes it easy to compare prices and find the best deal.
  2. 6.       Epocrates Rx performs a similar task only with medication, it searches all the major drug manufacturers and suppliers to find the cheapest way for you to get well. These types of free iPhone apps are not just relevant to shopping on the web.
  3. 7.       The Eventful app tracks thousands of bands, allowing you to be the first one to know who is performing in town that night.
  4. 8.       The “Where” app allows you to search the surrounding area to find the nearest food, shops, or gas, giving you constant accurate directions to wherever you want to go.

Many of the other free iPhone apps are much simpler, more geared towards entertainment or simple everyday tasks. Many popular arcade and flash games are available for download in the Apple App store. These are a great way to waste time while remaining entertained. Other apps offer even simpler pleasures;

  1. 9.       The Lightsaber app allows you to chance the color of the weapon on the screen and makes the famous lightsaber sound effects when you swing your phone around your head.
  2. 10.   The Flashlight app makes your phone’s screen light up brighter than normal perfect for finding something in the back of your car at night.

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