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by Baba

WordPress is getting more popular each day and if you are already using it you know how good it is already. But what most people don’t know is that WordPress is not optimized for the search engine right out of box. So if you do nothing after the installation you will not get the maximum SEO benefits from your site. If you are hiring a freelance web designer to do the work, you can simply ask him/her to implement the followings, otherwise you will have to do them yourself. Here are some of the things you can do to improve the ranking of your WordPress blog.

Put Keywords in Page and Post Titles

– Write good and meaningful post and page titles to improve the ranking of your blog. The page title is considered to be the most important element on the page for SEO. So make sure you do it right. However, avoid writing just for the search engines because that will make your visitors bore and never visit your blog again. Think of the keyword first, and then fit it with other words to make it a more compelling and human readable title. Don’t try to force the keywords right up front for every title.

Set Permalinks to Post Name

– The very first thing you should after installing WordPress is set the permalinks to your post name. You can add the date before or after it if you like. Doing so will ensure the URL of your posts to include some keywords. This will help you to get long tail traffic from the search engines as well as making the URLs more meaningful and easier to remember. So you will gain many benefits from this one action! This can be set in the admin section and once it’s changed you should not change it because it will affect your rankings.

Put Keywords in Tags

– When you write a post you can use tags to add more keywords to your page and make your site more searchable. Because each tag will have its own page, your site will be found for these keywords if used properly. Choosing the right tags can open up more door for the search engines to find contents within your blog. You can also use tags to interlink related pages and you can use as many tags as you want in the posts. It’s a great way to squeeze more traffic from your blog.

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