SEO Tips for Beginners

by Baba

Breaking into the world of online marketing can be a confusing process for someone just starting out a business whose success is greatly dependent upon search engine ranking. Any professional SEO Consultant will tell you that devising an internet marketing strategy involves a lot more than just creating a website that sells your product or service and then waiting for clicks. In order for any website to achieve its core goal of attracting online visitors, it first must to be carefully and meticulously designed with accurate website SEO so that it is easily accessible. For a website to generate an income it first has to be found by users who go online to enter a search for a certain product, service or information.




The most successful websites are those which have achieved 1st page Google ranking. Your website is most likely not the only website on the internet that sells widgets, so when someone enters an online search for widgets they are going to see more than one result- likely thousands of other websites may be providing the same product, service or information as yours does. It is highly probable that the searcher is only going to click on results from the first page of search results. Sometimes they’ll go to the next page or two and keep looking, but it is much more likely that they’ll find what they’re looking for right on that first search results page.


What determines search engine ranking?


So exactly how do search engines like Google determine the order of importance when listing results? Google actually employs a very specific and complicated links analysis algorithm called PageRank that was patented by Stanford University and exclusively licensed to Google. The order in which Google catalogs web pages is based on a variety of factors, including the number of links to other webpages, and the existence and density of specific search keywords. If your web content does not include the specific keywords and keyword phrases that the search engine analysts are looking for then your website will not have much chance of being listed in the first page of search results, and therefore have little chance of being found by your potential clients.


How does Website SEO achieve 1st page Google ranking?


Webmasters and professional internet marketing strategists have devised methods of promoting the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. Website Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that utilizes studies of search trends to implement the most optimal web content for better search engine positioning. It’s all a game of words, with the website that uses the best words gaining the upper hand. Website SEO specialists can examine a website to pinpoint its overall message and narrow down the specific keywords that searchers will presumably use in order to seek out that defining content. By utilizing SEO techniques, a website can go from obscure to front page search engine results in a short time.


How do keywords affect my website’s search engine ranking?


Whether you are a professional SEO consultant or a do-it-yourself optimizer, using the right keywords in your web content gets you noticed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The proper wording of your content is key to page ranking, but there is a little more to it than just inserting the keywords repeatedly into the text. There’s an art to successful website SEO. From determining the best keywords suited to your specific website, to creating unique, informative content that utilizes those keywords correctly and often. The determiners for 1st page Google ranking are based on more than the number of times keywords appear in the text, although keyword density is very important. Text bots can count keywords, but search analysts read at least the first 200 words or so of any given web page and review for natural phrasing, unique text and informative content.


  • Choosing keywords

The first step in selecting the right keywords for your website is to determine the wording that searchers would use if they were looking for your website. What are you trying to sell? If you were a customer, what words would you enter into a search engine to find the product or service? It doesn’t have to be a guessing game, either. Take your ideas for search words and test them out with the KeywordTool on a site like Google Adwords.

  • Using keyword phrases to optimize content

Narrowing a search to achieve optimal results often involves the use of phrases rather than a single word. The additional words used in a keyword phrase can help to single out your specific website on a search engine. Say your site is for a florist who specializes in wedding arrangements. Instead of just using flowers as your keyword, think about wedding flowers. Your content still has to be unique and informative, but it also needs to include the proper keywords as often as they can and still make sense and flow with the text.

  • Use keywords for a search-friendly domain name

Include your descriptive keywords in your URL, making it that much more likely for Google to pick up on your website. The links to your site are presented under your domain name, and if that includes the correct keywords you’ll find a great deal more traffic is driven to your website.

  • Use keywords to name your pages

Again, not only do page names give users a quick glance summary of the information available on a given page, but page names with the right keywords enhance your search engine ranking.


Investing in Professional Website SEO

You’ll find a website that has been professionally optimized for search engine rankings will bring more and more traffic to your website over time. It is a lot more cost effective to spend your advertising dollars on this type of targeted marketing than to waste precious revenue on over-generalized advertising venues like television, radio and newspapers. An expert SEO consultant can bring a no-click site to 1st page Google ranking in a couple of months, driving the traffic your way that you need to achieve success with your website.

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