SEO Parameters that effect Website Performance

by Baba

Search engines are continuously changing the search algorithms that effect how websites are ranked when specific keywords are searched. By knowing more about SEO parameters, websites can effectively designed to be found by the three major search engines. Website performance is directly affected by how easy it is for users to find the site, so here’s some information on the most common SEO parameters used by search engines today.

Search engines take into consideration the domain type and the age of the domain name when ranking websites. Also, the inclusion of keywords in the URL and the amount of times the URL has changed hands affects ranking.

Website Content
Search engines can recognize the amount of pages a website has, whether or not the content of the pages is unique, and the amount of keywords on each page. Keyword placement on websites is one of the biggest factors of SEO. For the best results, keywords should be placed in page titles, meta tags, anchor text, alt tags, and within the text of the pages. Other words that are synonymous with the keywords should also be used to avoid over-saturating the site with repetitive text. The website’s “readability” should be taken into consideration, as well.

Search engines place a great deal of importance on the amount of outbound links and back-linking a website has. Sites with outbound links and back-links to and from unique, high quality websites rank higher in web searches. Linking up with other websites that share the same keywords can greatly improve search engine recognition.

Optimizing a website for search engine recognition can be done privately, but this may not be the most efficient way to get your website noticed. Companies specialize in SEO strategies and know how to draw traffic to websites by appealing to the different SEO parameters each major search engine uses.

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