SEO Expert Baba Pandey is Best SEO Expert from Nepal

by Baba

Baba Pandey is top SEO Expert from Nepal. He has been involved in SEO since last year. He is progressing in a rapid manner and has made good reputation worldwide. There are satisfied customers from USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,SINGAPORE,INDIA and worldwide. But the main issue here is he has not served a single client from Nepal.

Best Seo Expert from Nepal has Not Served Single Client from Nepal ?

This should sound amazing and wonderful but it is fact. Top SEO Expert Baba has not yet got a single project from Nepal being permanent resident of Nepal. The reason behind is Nepal is not developed highly in the field of SEO. People have website as fashion but they don’t know about SEO. There are few tourism sites who spent money in SEO but they are also unknown about SEO Experts in Nepal which misguides them. One volunteer website had contacted Baba recently for the first time but he disappeared !

Baba wants to tell people of Nepal that he is best SEO Expert in Nepal and would like to invite all those who need any services/consultant in Nepal. Baba doesn’t lack clients but he will feel proud to serve clients from his own countries.

Tourism and Volunteer websites in Nepal mainly need SEO to be done. Of course other sites also need but i am talking about main area. 🙂

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Subash February 21, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Hey baba,
I tried to see your site code and saw that you are using 2-3 meta description tag!
IS that a SEO trick???


Suresh Khanal February 25, 2010 at 11:24 am

Though I never met Baba personally, I have a close relation with Baba. He is the one who helped me in my hard times. I was in difficult condition with my site and he had offered free hosting from his own quota.

I’m waiting if ever I can help him.


Baba February 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm

@ Subash : This is my personal website and don’t take seriously what is being and and copy it.

Using two meta description is tooo bad for SEO.

@ Suresh : Thanks for your words !

Also, some people may wonder that i am saying best seo expert to myself. Its nothing special. You won’t be successful unless you think you are the best. Also, the competition will be cool and many people will work harder which will help to improve the SEO sector and IT in Nepal.


Arien August 11, 2011 at 12:03 am


hajur ko kura chahi sahi ho!!!!! actually, hami naya manche haru lai SEO ko tips tricks and methods haru pani post garidinu bhaye aajha dherai kura haru taha painthyo!!!!


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