Restore Your Sex Drive and Spice it Up in Old Age

by Baba

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The topic of sexual behavior of old people is taken as a joke many times and there is very less research on the matter. As a result of this not much is known about the sexual behavior of the old men and women whereas there are many aspects which are involved and should be known of. Many biological changes happen with ageing, sexual dysfunction, psychological changes and how to manage these problems is also something that should be known.

There are many physiological changes that take place in men. The testosterone level diminishes; atrophy of sexual organs, there is a delay in getting an erection, it takes a long time to achieve and then maintain an erection and the erection is of poor quality also. There is a decrease in the hormonal levels which reduces the desire to have sex which causes the main problem. Women also undergo physiological changes. The main change happens because oestrogen levels decline after menopause. The breasts sag and the elasticity reduces. Apart from the breasts the uterus and the cervix also decline in size. The length and width of the vagina decreases and all these together affect the sex drive in women.

There are many sexual dysfunctions that happen in men in their old age like erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual interest, gender dysphoria and pedophilia. In order to assess the sexual dysfunction one needs to know the history from the client which could be done as follows:

* Talk in a language comfortable to both
* Use both open and closed questions
* Get an accurate description of the problem
* A longitudinal perspective is helpful
* Interview both the partners together and separately also
* Know the medical history and also the medicines the partners are on

There are various treatments that can be taken by an old couple who should know about the physiological changes that take place. The couple can opt for hormonal therapy, psychosexual counseling, mechanical devices, drug treatment and vascular surgery.

A drug treatment combined with counseling is beneficial. Psychosexual counseling is important as the main reason behind the dysfunction and losing the sex drive are psychological factors. Many men like to use topical creams as they relax the muscles.

Sexual problems are very common in many old people but a majority of them are shy of it and hesitate to talk about it. The sexual changes are because of many biological changes that happen because of ageing, effect of drugs, different old age diseases and also the changes in social life. It is important for all the old people need advice and basic education so that they can adjust to the changes that have happened because of age and they are in a better position to relate and adjust to it. Pharmacological treatments have proved to be very effective in cases of erectile dysfunction. When the sexual problems are discussed in an open way it becomes easier to handle them and find solutions. Sex is an important part of the life of a couple and with a loss in sexual drive many problems arise in the relationship especially if it is only one of them. Talking to each other and taking the help of a counselor always happens and with the right attitude the sex drive can be restored and the couple can enjoy the time together.

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