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by Baba

As the Internet becomes an increasingly central aspect of all of our lives the old ways of marketing and advertising are quickly taking shadow to the fast paced, high-volume marketplace that is the World Wide Web. While premium ads in phone books like the Yellow Pages cost thousands of dollars and yield unmeasurable results, the Internet provides a venue in which advertising campaigns can be thoroughly monitored, analyzed, and tweaked for maximum efficiency. It is therefore not surprising that various independent surveys have shown that the majority of business owners and consumers consult search engines more often than antiquated advertisement sources like phone books or local business directories.

Unfortunately, there are still many business owners that utilize primitive or ineffective marketing techniques simply because they are not familiar with how Internet marketing works. Luckily, this creates an incredibly high demand for professional search engine optimization specialists who are able to offer their esoteric skills to an ever-growing client base. The Power Three Marketing system teaches you how to help local business owners generate leads by placing their websites/contact details at the top of local business search results in Google and other major search engines.

What Will You Learn from the Power Three Marketing System?

Regardless of whether you have any marketing experience, the Power Three Marketing system can show you how to game Google’s search algorithms to put almost any local business website to the top search engines within days. You’ll also learn how to place nearly any business at the top of Google Maps for specific keywords. The guide contains an updated list of highly profitable niches/markets that are likely to harbor many clients that are interested in your SEO services, as well as how to tell which clients are the most profitable leads based on existing components of their business.

The P3 marketing system also includes premade video marketing material that you can use to solicit clients professionally. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your SEO competition, more are having a hard time understanding pay per click (PPC) and pay per lead (PPL) marketing, the Power Three Marketing system can teach you all the basic and advanced methods needed to begin monopolizing your local lead generation market. Once you’ve set up advertising campaigns for clients you’ll be able to track the success of the campaign using various methods that will help you prove to your clients that your services are well worth the investment.

Getting Started with the Power Three Marketing System

The first step in getting started with the Power Three Marketing system is choosing between two membership types – P3Elite and P3Gold. The P3Gold membership can be purchased for a one-time charge of $77, however it does not include access to any of the powerful P3Elite material or P3Elite forum. Normally, if you were to become a P3Gold member and then choose to upgrade to P3Elite you have to pay a one-time fee of $47, plus $47 each month. However, if you choose to skip the P3Gold membership and become a PS Elite member from the start you’ll only have to pay a one-time fee of $97 and you’ll receive access to all of the P3Gold content as well.

With access to the P3Elite members forum you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of learning everything by yourself through the process of trial and error, as you can seek the advice and guidance of experienced members on virtually any topic at any time. The P3Elite membership also includes access to the P3 PLR article packs that can help you streamline content creation for your clients’ websites. One of the main highlights of the P3Elite membership is the P3 hybrid site model s which shows you how to create a simplified system for site creation, client solicitation, and collecting payments. Once you learn how to create a hybrid site you can then use some of the outsourcing tips to completely automate your business.

Other Benefits of the Power Three Marketing System

The makers of the Power Three Marketing system are so confident in their ability to teach you everything you need to know about SEO that they give you free access to P3Basic, which teaches you the basics of SEO and serves as a preliminary introduction to the P3Gold and P3Elite memberships. All of the membership are backed by a 60-day 100% moneyback guarantee. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Power Three Marketing system is that it can easily pay for itself even if you’re only able to solicit a single customer. Many business owners are willing to pay anywhere from $50-$1000 per month (depending on how much each lead pays) to advertise their business on a website that ranks highly for their niche keywords.

Although the Power Three Marketing system is offered through two different membership types, you have the freedom to upgrade at any time. P3Elite members will also receive a special bonus that gives you free access to Client Crusher Advanced training videos and marketing manual, a $47 value that shows you how to demand the highest pay for your services by establishing yourself as a premium provider using nothing more than sheer professionalism. The Client Crusher Advanced marketing system will teach you how marketing gurus demand hundreds or even thousands of dollars simply for providing consultations to local business owners.

Another appealing aspect of the power three marketing system is that you do not need a substantial upfront investment to get started. In fact, in the online local lead generation business clients often make upfront payments to secure your services before any hard work is never done. Thus, you can use client downpayments to fund search engine optimization campaigns without ever spending money out of your own pocket. Even if you are only able to solicit a single client the system will pay for itself, and if you’re unable to do so within 60 days you can simply request a free refund.

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