Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw


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Poulan Pro 400E 18-Inch 4 HP Electric Chain Saw

For many dads there is nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a job with a chain saw that isn’t nearly powerful enough. Giving your father the Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw for Christmas 2011 will ensure this is a problem he never has to worry about again. Regardless of how large or how small the tasks he may be trying to complete, he’ll be able to power through any job with the Poulan Pro 400E. This tool works ideal for jobs that range from clean-up to tough yard maintenance responsibilities. It is also extremely lightweight; as it only weighs about 13.2 pounds. This means none of the flexibility that users need is sacrificed. The mess that is generally an issue with chain saws that run on gas is also a problem that no longer has to be addressed. .

Why You Should Consider Buying Your Dad the Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw

There are quite a few different jobs that this high powered tool can complete quickly and efficiently. To list just a few of these include the following:

  • Tree branches and bushes that are thick can be pruned easily


  • Cutting up firewood becomes a simple task
  • Completing a range of jobs around the home becomes quick and easy
  • Trees that have fallen are a breeze to cut through

The ease in which each of these jobs can be completed is due to the four HP engine on the chain saw, which provides unbelievable efficiency. An even bigger advantage is muscle strains and sprains no longer have to be a worry because of its portable unique design.

What Your Dad will benefit from with the Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw

While the above reasons are enough to make any dad appreciate the durability this chain saw supplies, there are other features that have made it a must have for many men.

  • The chain saw is easy to control for precision cutting, due to the 18-inch steel guide bar featured on the saw.


  • The saw includes an anti-kickback bar tip, an inertia blade brake, and for optimum safety it also features a wrap-around handle.
  • Many different angles are a breeze with the flexibility provided from the 4-HP motor.

The maintenance of the Poulan Pro 400E is also a lot easier than what is generally found with many of the gas powered chain saws. This minimizes having to prime the motor and dealing with the odor that is known to be associated with gas powered engines. The proper lubrication of this saw is easy to maintain because it has a large sight window and automatic chain oiler.

Chances of accidental injuries are decreased because of features like the anti-kickback bar tip, the handle that is designed in a wrap-around, and the inertia blade brake. Electric shock injuries are also reduced due to the double insulation of the saw. This is provided from its unique design of having two layers of electrical insulation that are separate.

It doesn’t matter the size of job your dad has in mind, the Poulan Pro 400E Electric Chain Saw will ensure the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

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