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by Baba

Founded in 2001 in Oslo, Norway, Meltwater Group has continuously expanded in the businesses of search engine technology, cloud computing and biometrics. Meltwater Group is currently comprised of four major business units, each with bragging rights of their own.

Meltwater News is probably the fastest growing IT company and has set the benchmark in online media monitoring. Formerly known as Magenta News, this business unit currently has over 14,000 customers worldwide, with most of their base coming from Europe. Basically, it searches 115,000 news sources from all around the world for keywords that are relevant to their customers.

Meltwater Drive is the company’s leg that deals primarily with cloud computing technologies. It offers a wide array of services that makes its clients file management and collaboration a breeze through SaaS or Software as a Service. Online collaboration amongst employees and managers are easily accessible anywhere in the world.

Meltwater Talent is, as the name implies, a service provider important to the HR department of any company. It works with SaaS as well to provide HR professionals with easy to navigate web-based tools to identify key talents. With the Applicant Tracking Software, all applicants are easily screened for potential employment while building a strong database for future use. It does not require any hardware or software installation since everything is readily accessible online, through the customer’s own web portal.

GenKey is the premiere in biometric encrypting technology. Instead of storing private biometrics into the company’s system, each fingerprint or any other biometric information is encrypted before entering the company’s database. This steps up security notches higher because you can be certain that your biometrics can never be replicated by anyone.

Aside from these four specific business units, Meltwater also has its own foundation aptly named the Meltwater Foundation. Its first project is to build a 2-year entrepreneurial training program in Ghana, Africa, which it later called the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.

Now, Meltwater is venturing into a new website that works as an online job portal, the Meltwater Jobs. Aspiring applicants and candidates can find available job openings in their website. It aims to reach out to even more people, allowing them to be a part of a fast growing company that is rooted to its humble beginnings.

Meltwater is now operating in 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. It currently has over 600 employees worldwide and is looking to increase this number by a high margin.

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