LEGO Creator House

by Baba

LEGO has been pushing the imagination of children and adults alike for many, many years, and their sets never seem to cease amazing generations.  One of the favorite LEGO sets available today is LEGO’s Creator House.  This is a 3 in 1 set that turns a tall townhouse into a summer home or into a country house.  This set includes:

• Removable roof – You can lift the roof so that you can play inside the house.

• Doors and windows you can open – Your child will love the fact that the house has windows and doors that you can open like it were a real house.

• Furniture and equipment for the outside – The area of the house is large enough to place outside furniture in the yard.  This includes a picnic table, lawnmower, a mailbox with mail, and an outdoor light.  There is also a ladder you can use to pretend to go up.

• Recreation for outside – There is a basketball set up for the house along with a see saw that actually goes up and down.

• Home changeability – You can turn this home into 3 different styles.  It can be a simple country house or a tall townhouse.  You’ll never be bored with this set.

• Durability – LEGO pieces are made of tough plastic made to last for many years.

The detail that LEGO provides with this set is simply wonderful.  In addition to the already mentioned pieces of Creator House, you can add the apple tree to the yard.  You may even place the fruits on the ground as if fell from the tree.  You can also put a stone path leading up to your door.  There is a satellite attached to the house’s roof.   Your home can also have outside lights from a lamp post to a porch light.

Many kids and their parents highly recommend buying the LEGO Creator House set because it is fun.  One parent commented that her daughter “has had a lot of fun with this set.  Well worth the price.”  Another parent mentioned just how durable LEGOs are because in their house, LEGOs “are now being played with by a fourth generation.  How’s that for long lasting and durable?”

If you are looking to give your child a toy that allows him to use his imagination and have hours and hours of fun, you really should think about getting him a LEGO Creator House.  It’s a great toy you can get at a great price.

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