Keyword Spy Review

by Baba

One of the hottest way to market something online is through the use of keywords. To do this successfully, you need a great tool to research the most used keywords currently online. If you’re looking for a tool like this, you really should have a look at Keyword Spy. It claims to be an advanced search engine and actually is a terrific tool for use in gaining an insight into the strategies of your competitors with only a small amount of work on your part. The Keyword Spy helps you find who’s bidding on certain keywords as well as other related keywords that they also seem interested in. You’ll also find out several useful metrics such as ROI, daily total of clicks and cost per click for every keyword. When you use this information, you can start your own pay per click campaigns of advertising using the keywords that you’ve found to be profitable.

How It Works

The first time you log into your Keyword Spy account, there’s a Keyword Research search bar on the top of the page. This is where you can perform a search through using a keyword or domain. Once you put in a keyword you’ll see first some general statistics of the keyword such as the cost per click, daily clicks, and the amount of advertisers. You’ll also find a simple chart located by the stats that shows how many advertisers have chosen a specific keyword in the past year. There’s also a list of the top five competitors that are paid and the top five competitors that aren’t paid for that particular keyword. Competitors that are considered as paid have websites that actually buy ads targeting a specific keyword. Competitors with sites ranking in the search engines are called organic.

The Results

There are a couple of ways to see the results with Keyword Spy. If you want to see more related keywords, just click the link located next to the keywords found. This is where you’ll see a table showing all other keywords that are being bid on from a website. The ROI for every keyword is one of the most useful things you’ll find. This tells you how much money that can be made with this keyword, divided by the cost per click for the keyword. This gives you a fast way of finding out which keywords will make money. You can sort the keywords and export the data to a file to be analyzed later.

Other Functions

Keyword Spy offers internet marketers the ability to do research on some of the larger affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction and more. You can find the top products on each network just by looking at the Affiliate keywords tab. There’s also information on the amount of competition and the top affiliates.

You’ll find a handy feature on Keyword Spy called the Time Machine. This shows you how a specific keyword or site performed during a certain time period. When you do a keyword search, Time Machine allows you to see who was competing with the keyword at various points along with the number of advertisers that were bidding on the keyword that month. Time Machine lets you investigate and discover the strategies being used by your competitors.

Does It Work?

When you’ve adjusted to the Keyword Spy interface, the site is super easy to navigate. The data found through Keyword Spy is generally accurate and up to date, and that’s what’s important with a tool such as this. You may notice that with smaller niches there may not be data on those but data on the larger niches will be there.

In Conclusion

While Keyword Spy is rather costly when compared to other tools of its kind, the price is worth it due to the extra information that those other tools don’t have. You can buy a Research Only subscription for $89.95 monthly. A Tracking Only subscription package is also available for the same price. This one lets you track your competitors in real time. You can also choose the Professional package that will cost $139.95 monthly, but it provides both the Research and Professional features. You’re the only one that can decide if Keyword Spy is worth the cost. If you need a service such as this, in the long run, this is a great deal. It will help you when you’re staring a pay per click campaign, beginning a website in a new niche, get a fast evaluation on the competition in  your niche, and lets you target the best keywords through the use of SEO techniques. When you discover how simple it is to get what you need to be a success through using Keyword Spy, you’ll see that a subscription will pay for itself in no time.

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Sairam January 15, 2013 at 2:59 am

Thanks for sharing the informative blog. Although, with the free version of Keyword spy I found that the top tracking results was a few years old! Planning to purchase a software like this. Any other suggestions?


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