Insane Party Locations

by Baba

Last updated on July 29th, 2011 at 04:43 am

Parties come in all different shapes and sizes, just like people really. But some can be more crazy than your average party at home.

Take all these big Music Events like Pop in the Park and the V Festival, these are all just big Music parties really with lots of fantastic music, dancing and huge amounts of booze! Although, they are rarely set in weird places but they can be insane for the pure fact they can go on for days or in some cases weeks!

Company Sponsors of some of the events will have little parties arranged for music reviews but these are mainly for the staff and not for the public. Together they thrash out who deserves to have the great music reviews on their website. Anyway , I thought I would give you a little taster of these crazy parties that some people have and the totally insane places they get held at.

So here are some insane party locations;

Limo Party


How about this for the Barbie Girls. The Barbie stretch limo is available for parties and can be seen cruising around town! Bright pink, neon lights, hot tunes and booze. What more does a barbie girl want? If these sounds like your kinda party then check out insane limos to start planning your Barbie princess celebrations.

Underground/Subway Car Party


A subway party normally takes place aboard trains or on the underground cars on mass transit systems. These parties include singing, dancing, playing music and sometimes gift exchanging.
They are normally organised through Social Media Sites such as Facebook or Twitter

Catacomb Party


These parties in the Paris catacombs are organised very quietly as they are illegal. There are a few reasons why these parties have to held so secretively and one is that they are very dangerous health and safety wise (small tunnels, falling rocks and lots of party goers, not a good mix!) Also, emergency services access isnt great (if there is an accident) as the tunnels arent exactly made for this many people! And finally, the ancient relics in the catacombs normally get damaged at these raves.

The Prim Compound, Vegas


A cave party? Yes, Ive got one in my basement that we can dance the night away in! This Vegas Mansion is on the market for a whopping $16.5 million! That is an insane amount of money but for all you people rolling in the green stuff, this is an awesome 10 bed home made specifically for partying!

Graveyard Party


These parties are not for the faint hearted or for those of you who like to stay squeaky clean in more ways than one. They are illegal and not to mention you are dancing about on peoples graves which lets be frank is quite disrespectful! But they do take place in the UK and all over in America.

Barn Parties


Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas. For all you cow folk out there, this is the perfect place for your party. Cowboy boots and Line Dancing galore! They cater for every type of party or special occasion.

Pole Dancing Party


These pole dancing parties are insane because they are normally held for Hen Parties. They are quite embarrassing and possibly even quite dangerous. Just think of how many pole related injuries there are each year. Plus the girls hosting these parties,are extremely bendy and just how do they do some of that stuff?

Paint Balling Party


This is masses of fun and I love paint balling but sometimes it can sting a bit! It’s like being at war without actually being in danger and it tends to brings out the soldier in you. But beware, look at the paint ball injuries or bruises on Google. You have been warned.

The Haunted House Party


Franklin Castle, Cleveland, Ohio. Named the most haunted house in Ohio, this would be an insane venue for a Halloween Party. Illegal revellers break in to party in Franklin Castle at times, but most do not stay long.

Desert Party


Most of these Desert Parties take place in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas, hence all the fancy lights.They also have to take place in the evening, as it would be too hot during the day, especially while dancing. This looks so gorgeous, like Arabian Nights!!

There really are some cool places for Parties out there, so go find them!

Demon Chick xx

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