Indian Idol 5 8th June Watch Full Episode

by Baba

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Indian Idol 5 got its top 10 contestants yesterday leaving Manisha Karmakar. Manisha was voted out yesterday. However, today the top 10 contestants rocked for the first time 🙂 I mean to say today there were the top 10 singers !! Almost all of them sang very good, even the Swaroop Khan who was out of track week sang good this time. Others were rocking even before ! Now it will be really hard to decide whom to vote.

Watch Out The first part of today’s episode

Hope you guys enjoyed the dance of Indian idol 5 top 10 contestants. They sings well there is no doubt but they also dance petty well. The girls are looking more and more beautiful day by day whats the reason ? 🙂 Now watch the next part

This time Arpita sang awesome ! The song really suits her. But i am much afraid that she will be voted out this time. Lets continue watching the series

Ha ! Look at Swaroop’s Singing guys. Hope you enjoyed Sree Ramchandra’s singing :0

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