Indian Idol 5 22nd June Watch Online

by Baba

Guys, Today’s Indian idol 5 was a very special episode because it was the GREAT R.D Burman Special Episode with the guest judge Mrs. R.D. Burman = Aasha Bhosle. R. D Burman was a great composer and singer who is loved by all music lovers. Music composers liek Anu malik say that they are simply fan of R.D Burman or Puncham Da ! Indian idol contestants today showed their “Jalwa” by singing great numbers of 1900s ! Most of the songs of that age was sang by Kishore Kumar and M, Rafi !

Lets watch Now. I am sorry but the videos are not very high quality.

What a great starting with R.D Burman Music and Aasha Bhosle singing !!! There was also Manohar Singh who was right hand of pancham Da ! Hope you guys enjoyed. Look at Sunidhi Chauhan’s facial reaction and emotions. 🙂

Sree Ram sang good enough ! Its really very hard to come up with 1900s songs. Kishore Da, rafi had great voice which can never be compared with anyone. Indian idol 5 now only has 8 contestants after loosing Arpita Khan yesterday. Arpita was fabulous singer but she got eliminated. Now only two girls are remaining in Indian idol 5, one is Bhoomi and the other one is Tia. I expect at least one girl to be in top 5 ! It will really sound odd if no girls are there in top 5. I want both of them to be in top 5 because they are girls. Talking about singing, tia doesn’t deserve even the current position. Bhoomi is good enough to be within top 5

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