I worked for 5 days and got 5 cents

by Baba

It was petty hard for me when i entered the Internet world and determined to make my career here. My parents were obviously worried on what i will do and they also afraid by thinking i am spoiling and is in wrong track. I was unable to convince them and was also unable to follow what they say. The days went on struggling. IN these days i have worked for 5 days and got only 5 cents which made me much happy. 🙂

Guys, i had no one to teach me and it is also not that i didn’t search anyone. I went to offices who said they will provide online job. They asked some charge with me. If you are in Nepal then you will surely know about FREEDOM online job and other similar. I have been to all of them, paid them money but i knew after that they were useless and knew nothing. They used to advertise saying you can earn $5000/month but used to ask NRS1500-2500 as registration charge which was making me in doubt. I was just 16 years old at that time and i had question if one can earn $5000/month then WTF that they are charging such small amount as registration ? Anyone would be ready to one months whole income to them if they could teach how to earn. However. i had no option so i paid them. What i got ? Nothing. They called me for training (I attended only one day and left it ) They taught me how to open adsence account and blogger. Which i had opened long ago. I then asked with older students and they said we have not learned much. Then i started searching myself what are the ways to earn.

Well, Google was helpful for me. I search but the problem in google is we get useless stuffs more. I tried all anyways. mainly i tried PPC 1cent programs. Worked for 3 months in about 60 of them but 30 were closed when i reached $5 payment. And the rest said you have to upgrade to pro membership in order to get paid. LOL WTF
I did very hard work, tried survey programs etc etc.. One day i found a site (I just forgot the name) It used to pay for answering simple questions and post questions. I worked for 5 days and it sent me 5 cents to my paypal account. This was my first earning in my life but again the problem was the money was in paypal. I wouldn’t be able to show money to anyone, basically my parents. After that i found a forum which used to pay per posting. I joined, started posting and got paid $2.4 working 2 days. Wow, that was good money for me. 🙂 Well, in next article i will tell you more about my earning and how i cashed paypal to real money. LOL

Guys, work hard, never be disappointed … If you need any help hit me up. I will assist you. I don;t want you guys to be in trouble like i was without having anyone to guide.

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