How to install Windows 8 OS in your PC from PenDrive

by Vivek

Last updated on October 24th, 2012 at 11:14 am

If you are looking to install Windows 8 in your PC, What will you do first? I think most of you buy a Windows 8 DVD and then installs. But today I am discussing another way to install Windows 8 from your PC at home. Another way includes installing Windows 8 from a USB stick (PenDrive).


  • An USB stick (at least 4GB)
  • Internet Connection in your PC


Procedure of this whole task is divided into three important parts:

  1. Download ISO file of Windows 8
  2. Create a bootable device (PenDrive)
  3. Install Windows in your PC

Let’s discuss briefly, how these steps work?

Download ISO file of Windows 8:

The first process is about downloading ISO file of Windows 8 from the internet. You will get this ISO file from Microsoft Windows official website (follow this link).

You are offered with two set of Windows 8, one is of 32bit and another is of 64bit. Download any of them.

Note: Your PC must satisfy the entire requirement which is mentioned on the same webpage:

Note down the product key, mentioned below the downloading option. You will need this key while installing Windows 8 in your PC.

Once your download completed, you can move towards the next step.

Create a bootable device (PenDrive)

For creating a bootable PenDrive, you need to download Microsoft’s Windows USB/DVD download tool (follow this link).

Once download completed, you need to install this USB/DVD download tool in your PC.

After installing this tool, insert a USB Stick (PenDrive) through USB port and follow the step mentioned below:

  1. Format the USB Stick (PenDrive)
  2. Open installed USB/DVD tool
  3. Browse ISO file (from the location where you save ISO file), select and then press next
  4. Select “USB Device” option on next window appear
  5. Now choose the USB Stick from the list, which you want to create bootable.
  6. Press “begin copying”
  7. Wait for some time till it says process complete.
  8. Close all windows

Now you have to move on third and he last step:

Install Windows in your PC:

If you are using any Windows OS, currently in your PC, then just insert your bootable USB Stick (PenDrive). Then browse the USB Stick (PenDrive) in your PC. Once found, go inside and launch the setup.exe. And finally your installation process will start.

Note – if you are using Windows 7, then just select upgrade OS, which saves your all data from deletion.

But what if you are using your PC first time and there is no OS installed earlier.

Then insert USB Stick (PenDrive) in your PC and restart your PC.

You need to change boot menu priority level to USB Stick (PenDrive).

Here the question arises, how would you find boot menu? Answer is simple, Just press that key which appears when you turn your computer on, then locate the Boot Order section in your BIOS, and then finally increase the priority of your USB Stick (PenDrive). Then Save and Exit.

Once you changed the boot order, restart your PC. After restarting, you will get an option “Press any key to boot”. Press any key, your installation of W8 will begin.

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