How Suraj Adhikari is Cheating Mercantile and People

by Baba

Suraj Adhikari Spammer from Nepal

Suraj Adhikari, a spammer and cheater from Nepal who works at mercantile communication Kathmandu,Nepal

Suraj Adhikari, Hostmaster of Mercantile Communication Nepal cheats $10 per domain name registration per year.Charges $20 per domain and doesn’t give the authorized bill.

Suraj Adhikari ( is working as HostMaster at mercantile communication PVT.LTD in Nepal. He is cheating mercantile communication and people selling domain personally in the name of Mercantile. I was also victim of him. In 2008 i was new to online field and had to go to mercantile for registering a domain name. The rate of Domain was NRS.1500 equal to $20. However, mercantile was trusted company in Nepal and it used to include VAT bill so i asked for domain registration. Suraj Adhikari (Hostmaster) took NRs.1500 and told me that you will get info in your email within 24 hrs. I then asked for bill but he simply ignored. I talked strongly then he gave a fake bill which was not VAT bill nor was on Mercantile letterpad. I didn’t talk more because it was not big matter.

A year later, i had my own domain reseller account where i can register a domain name @Nrs. 600 equals to $8.2 so i asked him AUTH code to transfer the domain. The domain was expiring in 1 month. He replied after 2 days saying that why you want to transfer the domain ? I said i have domain reseller and it costs me half less price. Then next day he gave me AUTH code. I tried transferring the domain but it was unsuccessful because it was already late. I had to pay him again NRs.1500 and then renew the domain. After 3 months again i tried to transfer the domain name but it was not successful because Suraj Adhikari didn’t respond to the transfer request. I then emailed him 3-4 times asking to unlock the domain and give the working AUTH code. Now he is telling that the Domain Name is registered in the name of Padam Pande (My Father) and he needs authorization from him. WTF ? Online dealing is through email and i have been dealing with the same email each time and now he is asking authorization from real person ?

Suraj has his own domain reseller account. People go to mercantile but suraj sells domain from his account. Charges rate of mercantile and cheats poor people.Even i was cheated and probably i wouldn’t have posted this post if he had let me transfer the domain after 1.5 year. Now he is trying to avoid me and not letting me to transfer the domain name in my own reseller account. Domain is very sensitive. I am Kathmandu,Nepal and i can talk by meeting him live but since this is online issue i want to finish it online.

No matter, Padam Pande is with me and he can go to office to give authorization but this shows that he wants to again make us renew the domain name by paying Nrs.1500 and have 150% profit in his pocket each time. We should kick out such cheater. I don’t know if mercantile if unknown about the issue. Domain is such a sensitive matter and he is trying to blackmail from domain and earn money ?

Listen Mr. Suraj Adhikari, If you give me more trouble about the domain i will surely take the matter very seriously. Don’t ever try to cheat people again. People who go to MOS for domain registration now a days are those who don’t have any knowledge about domain and internet. Poor people …Domain is matter of $10 maximum internationally.

Notes :

  • Suraj Adhikari Earns $10 extra from each domain/each year. This is clearly cheating for peop
  • Suraj Adhikari doesn’t give the real bill of mercantile communication. Just gives a fake bill without any proof that domain was purchased from Mercantile.
  • No one is caring about the issue because people have trust on Mercantile Company and they don’t know much about Internet/Hosting and domains.
  • The problem is due to lack of IT knowledge in Nepal and people like Suraj Adhikari are taking advantage of it.
  • is personal blog of Suraj Adhikari. is official website of mercantile communication Nepal and it doesn’t have fixed ratelist in its website which also smells not good !!!
  • I am communicating with Suraj currently and will post screen shot of emails after wards. Lets see how he will response.

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Tajim March 31, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Woah. Kudos to you Dude.

Go For him. Dont let him run away. These kinds of people are the rats in our society.

They should be booked with law.

Keep updating your blog of the process and outcome, i will be watching.

**** Grabs PopCorn *** This is going to be intresting.


adityastar April 1, 2010 at 9:59 am

Interesting, many people do this. Even the professional ones.

I have seen many persons in India asking to develop websites by professionals and at the end they stuck with them because they ignore the fact that they should register domain themselve.

One real incident I am sharing, One of college of my area asked one Company to develop and host their website. They got a nice website developed and ready. Once they cleared the full payment, no further updation was done to the website and they were not even allowed FTP Access or addition or deletion of Email Accounts. At the end of the year they have to pay a large sum of money as AMC(Annual Maintainance Charge).

There is nothing which can be done for the people, as the real culprit are not those who cheat but are those who think that big companies will provide them quality stuff without looking into all the factors.

Oops, it is going to be large. So I am making a post on this factor so that new persons may get benefit.


IT Freak April 3, 2010 at 2:40 am

It is not just that person but the firm too. Just look at the domain name registration of .np, only ppl with link with mercantile get the good domains, for example, a person with no relation with tiger has that domain name… wtf… there are so many other domains that have been registered to nonsense ppl with nonsense reasons.


Baba April 6, 2010 at 9:55 am

Suraj Denies to transfer domain name.


66sasau April 12, 2010 at 1:24 pm

seems to be a fierce battle, luck to u baba.


pracas upreti June 4, 2010 at 7:33 am

wow, original gorkhali , im always with u dude.

himmat ki daad deni padegi, even i have some problems from .np domains , agreed with u r words


Baba July 17, 2010 at 9:10 am

UPDATE GUYS : Suraj Finally gave me auth code after 4 months. Also he warned me to remove this article. However, i cannot do so.


Suba Sagar Malla August 31, 2010 at 4:15 am

I guess this should be shared on facebook so everyone knows it. If you allow i’ll do this.


alex October 14, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Nice now his name is well knows.

Good work at exposing Suraj Adhikari the cheater.

Suraj Adhikari the scammer 🙂


kiran April 10, 2013 at 1:57 pm

first of all thank you bro, its rally ge8 job we should really kick those rats frm our IT society. we oll are wit u bro keep it up…..


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