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Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 08:11 am

If you’re like the majority of online entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers you’ve probably struggled with improving conversion rates. Understanding what turns visitors into customers is an artform that sometimes takes years to perfect. However, by utilizing the appropriate knowledge, techniques, and tools you can simplify the process of testing and tweaking sales content and website design to improve conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Course – A Comprehensive 10 Module System

The Conversion Rate Course is neatly organized into 10 modules, with each one devoted to a different aspect of increasing conversion rates.

In module one, you’ll be introduced to the concept of conversions, how to understand the psychology of your website visitors, and how consumers make buying decisions. This module also shows you how to incorporate your newfound knowledge pertaining to conversion rates and psychology into the user interface and design of your website.

Module two teaches you unique concepts like how the brain associates colors with certain emotions, how to write sales content that is easily readable, and how to develop several sales “funnels” and conversion paths to cater to the unique opinions and reading styles of each of your visitors.

Module three covers a plethora of copywriting techniques that will show you how to capitalize on your visitors’ emotions, and utilize the most effective copywriting techniques to begin converting curious readers into customers.


Module four provides an in-depth overview of how to increase conversions for affiliate websites by utilizing the proper approach, finding popular products to promote, and developing content that increases conversions naturally.


Module five shows you how to increase the number of products sold through your e-commerce store by establishing authority and trust, simplifying website navigation and product ordering, and adding relatively inexpensive bonuses to orders to increase value and attract repeat customers.


Module six discusses the art of increasing conversions using e-mail marketing tactics such as opt in forms, catchy subject lines, and how to attract repeat buyers by providing updated content. In this module you’ll learn how often to send out e-mail newsletters, and how to build a massive list of prospective buyers that are already interested in the product or service you’re trying to promote.


Module seven reveals several free tools and resources that will help you boost conversions, while also teaching you how to utilize them for maximum success. In this module you’ll learn about split testing techniques, Google analytics, and other powerful software that can help you simplify the process of maximizing conversions on a continual basis.


Module eight provides a comprehensive course of action that will help you implement all that you learned from the previous seven modules, while also revealing 50 additional conversion tips, and providing answers to the most frequently asked questions about increasing conversion rates. In this module you’ll also learn how to assess why your visitors are not converting into customers, and how to correct faulty sales copy, website design, and promotion techniques.


Module nine contains nearly 2 hours of live video presentations from Dr. Coleman, an expert in the field of sales conversion rates. If you feel more comfortable learning from visual input, listening to these powerful seminars and presentations will help you put all of your newfound book smarts into action.


The 10th module gives you the final confidence boost needed to begin implementing all you’ve learned by providing detailed case studies that show how others in your position have succeeded using the Conversion Rate Course. Module 10 also gives you several examples of website reviews, to help you further understand the art of testing and tweaking sales pages for higher conversions.


What Bonuses Are Included with the Conversion Rate Course?


In addition to the aforementioned modules, the Conversion Rate Course includes four valuable bonuses – Easy Squeeze Pro, the Website Risk Guide, Ultimate Footer Ad, and Three-Minute Headline Creator. Each of these bonuses will help you improve a different aspect of increasing your conversion rates.


The Easy Squeeze Pro guide introduces you to drag and click editors that will help you create extremely effective squeeze pages that will let you build massive e-mail lists utilizing proven predesigned templates.


The Website Risk Guide reveals more than 15 risk reduction strategies, and a 35 page guide that will help you identify and minimize all risks that are hurting your conversion rate.


In the Ultimate Footer Ad you’ll learn how to drastically increase the number of visitors that opt into your e-mail list by utilizing tactics used by highly successful super affiliates. Within this bonus you’ll also receive access to professional footer templates, and you’ll discover software that will help you create your own unique footer ads with no programming or web development experience necessary.

The Three-Minute Headline Creator will save you hours of time by teaching you how to generate hundreds of effective headlines and page titles in just a few minutes. This bonus combines a simple step-by-step formula with a powerful software that creates dozens of unique headlines for each niche/topic with minimal input on your behalf.

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