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by Baba

Hello Guys

I had been busy with different projects these days including mine so was unable to post for long. However, starting from today, i will be giving you weekly dofollow backlinks. These backlinks will be from High PR Domains and sometimes can be actual page PR.  Its always best to get a backlink from High PR actual page, however, always its not possible. In such cases we will try to get backlinks from0 pr page whose domain has high PR

To get these free backlinks, you will have to be member of  my list. To do so simply sign up for the SEO tips which can be found on right hand side. I will be sending you these backlinks to your inbox whenever possible. Again, i can’t promise that i will deliver on exact time every week.  Anytime these backlinks may be delivered to you but they are well worth ! So, what are you waiting for ? Just sign up and wait for the backlinks come to you 🙂 Its as easy as 1-2-3.

Buy Backlinks

Folks, sometimes we have to buy backlinks. This is because nobody gives quality backlinks for free. Take example of Angela or Paul and other similar guys. They give few backlinks for freely to attract people and then after they charge small money to supply these backlinks. This is all about business. The best thing about these backlinks is you need not pay for them though you buy ! Ha ! Did u get me ? I mean you are only paying for the information on where to put your backlinks but not actually paying for the links. Hope it makes a clear sense. It you aren’t clear yet then go and grab some bottle of beer and come back again.

Will i be selling such backlink lists in the future ?

Yes yes yes yes, many of you guys may be thinking that i will give few backlinks free for now like others and then charge money afterward. But its not 100% correct. I am not sure what i will be doing. Though i sell, i will only supply to few good guys.  Having 1000s of subscribers is good for money but not good for backlinks. These guys will spam to hell and will harm all of us. Also note that the free backlinks which i am providing is limited to 350 people only so may be you are one of lucky !

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