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by Baba

Cold winter time .. Just can’t go out upto restaurant but missing the hot yummy food ..:( Wearing jackets and some warm clothes we then come out unwilling just for food. Well, no more you have to ! Foodmadu dot com is at your service. Just go to site, choose your restaurant,  order your favorite dish and get in @ your doorstep in minutes. (Around 30 minutes) – Best of the best, get it while its HOT. ( i mean warm ..) ..

Ah ! When i first found foodmandu via facebook ads i was interested in trying their service. Didn’t took me long to review their service. I ordered momos and sandwich from one of favorite restaurant cafereena. Once i ordered from their website, they called me and confirmed my order. In 30-35 minutes they came to my flat in a cool looking bike. The food was carried in some pot behind the bike .. i guess its hotcase ..  I paid, took my food and started ..

Ah .. i was really impressed with the service and ordered again from different restaurant and again and again .. This means i am not being lazy ..I go out out often and have my food in restaurant, but i love foodmandu for the service they are providing.

Now, lets talk about money, eh ?

The fee is as high as 200rs and as low as free. If you are bit far from the restaurants listed in foodmadu then i would suggest not to order. But if you are within 5km of the restaurants listed in their website, and have plan to spend at least Nrs500 in food then just order it. They deliver FREE if your bill is higher than 1000nrs. Lets not make it confusing..check the delivery charge here :

Some of the cool restaurants you may wanna try are : Cafereena, Third Eye, vesper Cafe, Dhaba (Thapathali)  ..check the list

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