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by Baba

Building a successful blog that is capable of generating a residual monthly income requires one to learn the art of search engine optimization in order to attract automated traffic that can help you maximize the potential of your monetary methods. Simply funneling as much web traffic as you can to your website or blog will not always result in conversions, sales, or any other desirable result. Instead, you need to begin attracting targeted visitors that are already interested in the product or service that you’re trying to recommend/sell.


Luckily, you don’t have to be a brilliant writer, skilled web developer, or have lots of money to invest to be successful online. The Blogging Underground system is a multifaceted approach towards automating the most difficult aspects of building and promoting a blog. The system is supposed to combine hands-on training with powerful tools and resources to help simplify the process of creating a successful blog. Like most people, we are hesitant to accept that a single all-inclusive system can become a solution to virtually all of the problems online, so we’ve taken a close look at the Blogging Underground membership to determine what its really made of:


What the Blogging Underground Membership Can Do for You


There are two main sides of search engine optimization – content creation/optimization and link building, and the Blogging Underground system takes care of both of these aspects simultaneously to give you top rankings and targeted traffic. Blogging Underground summarizes these two steps into building pages and getting links:


  • Acquire Content


The first step in building a successful website is to create content that is informative, has the appropriate keyword density, and is categorized for convenient site navigation. Unfortunately, many webmasters simply don’t have the time to write quality content themselves, and can’t afford to pay a qualified writer to create original content for them.


Blogging Underground solves this problem by providing almost 5000 PLR (Private label rights) articles (a value of $804) each year to every member. These articles can be downloaded in zip packages that contain up to 90 articles per set, with each set pertaining to a different niche or keyword group. Many of the PLR sets already contain keywords that have been chosen based on hours of relentless research by the Blogging Underground team.


  • Build Links


If no one comes to your site to read the content, it can’t promote whatever you’re trying to sell, recommend, or discuss. Once you have a good amount of optimized, and properly organized content on your site, you need to begin building links back to each page to attract visitors within your niche and improve your SEO attributes.


Collecting incoming links from other websites that already have authoritative search engine rankings is one of the most effective ways to boost a blog or website’s PR (page rank) and heighten your position on the SERPs (search engine result pages) for specific keywords. With the Blogging Underground system you can make a blog post and instantly build relevant back links from sites that have already attracted visitors that are interested in the subject matter of your PLR articles.


Blogging Underground Membership Types


There are two types of Blogging Underground memberships – the monthly membership, and the annual deal.


The monthly membership costs $67 per month, and includes all of the Blogging Underground features, tools, resources, training, and access to their comprehensive forum. Monthly members also receive a bonus of 800 PLR articles of their choosing from (a $134 value). In addition, if you choose the monthly option you can enjoy a seven day trial for only $4.95.


The Blogging Underground annual deal costs a one-time payment of $299 (a more than 50% saving at $24.91 per month), and includes all the same features as the monthly membership, except instead of 800 articles, yearly members receive instant access to up to 4800 PLR articles from (which can be downloaded at once in sets or gradually throughout the year).


While the monthly membership will automatically be rebilled unless it’s canceled, the annual deal does not automatically rebill when it expires. Even without the thousands of PLR articles included, the Blogging Underground membership is already a great value because of how much it simplifies the tedious everyday responsibilities of a busy webmaster.


Other Features of the Blogging Underground System


Because of the nearly automated fashion in which blog posts are almost instantly linked back to, the Blogging Underground system helps you get all of the pages on your website indexed and visited as soon as possible. Blogging Underground also gives you access to a plethora of keyword research tools and resources, including spreadsheets that are loaded with thousands of valuable keywords that could present incredible opportunities in your niche.


Blogging Underground members will gain access to methods that allow them to easily outsource and expedite important processes like article writing, content uploading/organizing, and building back links. Even if you choose to cancel your Blogging Underground membership, the blog posts will remain for as long as your hosting plan lasts.


What Bonuses Are Included with the Blogging Underground


Aside from the hundreds of PLR articles, you’ll also receive six bonuses – Nanobloggers v.1.71 (by Peter Spaepen), Rank and Pillage Extended Step-By-Step System with 11 Videos, Word Track Magic Keywords Forensics (Written by John Alexander). Category Creator WordPress Plugin, Nichebot Market Research Is Not Keyword Research – How to Conduct Research the Right Way, and 10 Commandments to Keyword Research (Written by Jim Morris). The information contained within these bonuses will help you bring your site/blog promotion endeavors to the next level.


The entire Blogging Underground system is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, and if you choose to request a refund within 60 days, you’ll be able to keep all of the aforementioned bonuses. If you’ve been struggling to rank highly for competitive keywords in your niche, despite countless hours of research and manual link building efforts, the Blogging Underground system is certainly worth consideration.

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