Best Time For Having Sex is 10:15 P.M in the UK.

by Baba

Are you wondering what may be the best time for having sex in your country or your place ? It can be 10:15 PM even for you and all of us because recent research says that its best time for people in the UK. About 15% of the UK residents will be enjoying their time with their partners at this time. A news published on ” The Daily Express ” says that the research was done among 5000 UK residents and then result was published.

But why is 10:15 P.M Best Time ?

Well, this is what we are wondering about. Most guys answered ” We can watch the football match without any disturbance which starts from 10:30 P.M. According to the research the second best time is Friday 9 P.M and third one is Sunday 9 A.M. How can time affect for those who really love ? Means real love is slowly decreasing between people or lets say the love is ending. People do sex according their need and sex doesn’t have the value today. Sex used to be most important factor in Love in past but today it’s not like that.

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