Best Managed VPS Hosting Providers

by Baba

Last updated on March 8th, 2013 at 11:55 am

Finding a good hosting can be as hard as finding a good GF ! If you aren’t careful enough then you will end up massaging your ass. There are tons of so called reputed hosting companies but only few of them are top notch. Here, i will be posting best managed vps hosting providers along with my personal experience and reviews. Hopefully this will help you to determine best managed vps hosting company for your website.

1. Liquid Web

Well well well, they have their own datacenters, heroic support, well reputed everywhere. Fully managed. They only lack resources but still deserve to be #1 because you may want to switch to their dedicated or stormhost if you need more resources. I vote liquidweb as #1 managed vps hosting company. They have offsite backup included within the price which makes them better than other;s in terms of backup.

Bad Things
Expensive comparing to other. 1GB ram would cost you $100 which is way too high. But their $50 hosting plan which comes with 512MB ram is as good as other companies 1G ram. Best thing about them is they never oversell, have almost 100% uptime as well as very fast & quality servers. You can simply switch to their Storm Servers which are so far much better than VPS and cheaper. You will need Credit Card for storm server initially. No need for VPS or dedicated server though.

2. Known Host

They say they are #1 Known Host. Well reputed with good enough resources, reasonable prices as well as good quality support. You can get 1GB ram 60GB space and 2500GB bandwidth for $45 with cpanel and 2 dedicated IPs. They have equal CPU share system and very low loads. They are more likely #1 managed vps hosting for folks who are looking for best value. Affordable/Good Support and good speed. They backup every 2 days which may not be really good for busy websites. You can simply get offsite backup for few extra bucks.

3. Wired Tree

Ah ! They are good enough. Specially their support is much higher quality than other’s. DDDOS Attack caused much problem for them recently but they are for sure top quality managed VPS providers. With coupons you can get 1GB ram VPS for around $60 which is good deal so far. They have litespeed addon for extra 12 bucks and they have server shield security system which sounds good but its effects doesn’t seems to come live always. 🙂 Anyways, you won’t regrade buying vps from them. They have daily backup system.

4. SerInt

These guys have been providing VPS since 15 yrs and are able to hold clients for 7-10 years. 100s of highly satisfied clients are there and they do their best to keep clients with them. 🙂 However, these days may be due to large increment in client’s number as well as appointment of new support guys, they seem to be lacking the quality which they had few yrs ago. Still they are good enough. For 1.5GB ram you will have to spend $89 which seems bit expensive. 700MB ram is available for $50 with cpanel. They have daily backup system and they will restore your site anytime u want.

5. FutureHosting

Looking for cheap and best ? This is for you ! With their offers (Which are alive always) you can get 1GB ram for $35-40 and often there are upgrades. 🙂 Of course you can’t expect same support quality as others but you will get 100% what you pay for. Simply amazing vps providers who have UK/USA server options.

Unmanaged Hosting – Well, it can be pain in ass. You will need much programing skills and will kill tons of your time. Liniode are the best for unmanaged but they need credit card.

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