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Last updated on March 17th, 2013 at 04:11 am

Frustrated because your website isn’t generating very much traffic? Most of the time when a website is being virtually ignored by internet users and the major search engines it’s because the content simply isn’t up to par. You might manufacture the very finest widgets on the market, but you are having a hard time selling them online because you just can’t get your website noticed. Or perhaps your dental clinic, or your restaurant, or your car audio installation service is suffering because your online marketing presence seems to be nonexistent.

These circumstances are the very reasons for which SEO was designed. There is a definite art to creating a website that will attract internet traffic, and a professional SEO consultant can transform your less-than-successful web content into an attention-getting site almost immediately. If you’re developing a new website, getting the services of an SEO expert right from the beginning gives you an enormous advantage in search engine rankings.




Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing the content of any website with excellent, informative content that includes vitally important “keywords”. SEO article writing is a professional service provided by expert writers trained specifically in the field of search engine optimization. By carefully employing a well-planned SEO strategy, your site gains the attention of popular search engines and internet users.

Not only does SEO place your webpage at the top of the search engine results pages, but it also improves the nature of your article or blog post content so that it captures the attention of your target audience and encourages them to take action (purchasing your product or engaging your services), as well as get them to share your site and then return to it later.


Baba Pandey and company are a team of experienced, professional SEO writers who are highly motivated and capable of creating outstanding content for your website. You may want to include on your website certain information regarding your products or services, and although you are the expert on your company’s particular endeavors, writing isn’t your forte, and SEO writing is not your strongest ability.

Leave it to the professionals!

Baba and his team of freelance writers know exactly the right words to use in creating your web pages, articles, and blog posts that will cause your website to soar directly to the top ranking on the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Our Team will employ all of the means at our disposal to optimize your website for search engine rankings and end-user attraction. We will take the time to thoroughly research our topics to provide export information, and we’ll describe your business in such attractive terminology that not only will the search engines automatically pick up on our cleverly injected keywords but readers will be completely impressed by your product or service.

Expert SEO Articles Written by Talented, Trained Professionals!!!

You may be the expert on your business, but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, WE ARE THE EXPERTS! It is our job to research search engine trends and investigate the most widely used keywords relating to your website and your business. It is our art to write copy that delivers concrete knowledge in an interesting and informative way that cleverly disguises the insertion of those all-important keywords.

We’ve made it our business to study internet marketing, and to understand exactly what is needed in order to generate a satisfactory amount of traffic on your website. We know how to implement our knowledge of creative web content and our skills in optimization so that your business will attain the most beneficial results from your website.


  • Create original articles for your website (white pages articles, report writing, home page copy, blog posts, company information content, any needed text.)
  • Expert website creation and development (design a new website for your business or optimize your existing website)
  • Review and revise your existing website content for SEO
  • Format your webpages for optimal appearance and interest (design proper navigation, format interesting blocks of information with varied color, fonts and graphics)


Original Articles

We never use copied or plagiarized content. Our talented and creative writers are able to skillfully combine interesting content with keyword insertion in the most beneficial manner to your website. Each writing task is undertaken on an individual basis and is completely custom written for your unique specifications.

Website Development

Our experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization has enabled us to create and develop websites that amass a huge amount of internet traffic. We know how to properly format pages, design navigation and optimize marketability so that your site gains the notice of search engines and end-users who will love your site, love your product, and become your customers.

Editing Services

If you’ve had your website up and running for a while but you aren’t seeing the kind of results you expected, then you need to arrange for a professional SEO consultation. Let an SEO expert review your website layout and your content, and then make the proper revisions that will optimize your website to its most beneficial appearance and content.


The right kind of page layout makes all the difference in the attraction of your website for users. We know the best methods of arranging your content so that it’s both pleasing to the eye and directive. Our  SEO experts will design your webpages for an enhanced appearance, with eye-catching color, font and grahics.


Get the most out of your website by taking advantage of the experience and expertise of our professional SEO writers and web developers. SEO consultation is a service that is well worth the reasonable investment, with returns that are guaranteed to provide complete satisfaction. Whether you have a single article that needs to be optimized and well-written, or you have an entire website to improve, develop and optimize, allowing our professional writers to take care of your project ensures that your website receives outstanding search engine notice and excellent online traffic.