Twitter unveils Promoted Tweets


Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 07:15 am

Twitter finally unveiled its advertising program after months of speculation. Being in business for 4 years, twitter didn’t had any serious program to make money. Launch of promoted tweets assures that twitter will generate big revenue from this month itself as it has millions of visitors daily. Twitter is 14th most popular website according to alexa.

So called promoted tweets will be shown at top while searching for queries which will be clearly marked as ads. The twitter advertisement will be very similar to the format of google ads.  According the announcement of twitter blog, promoted tweets will function as normal tweets, including reply, retweets and favorite. twitter says, only one promoted tweet will be shown per search result page.

Will twitter advertisement kill twitter ?

Some of the experts are saying that the advertisement system may kill the twitter but i don’t think so. (It is yet to be seen what will happen). While using twitter till now we never had to experience ads displaying one ad that also on search page is not going to affect twitter users much.

Twitters Ads Vs Google/Other Ads

While Google/Other ads have CPC system that will deliver no single extra visitors, twitter ads can deliver you many times more visitors than what you have paid for if the ad is useful,informative,interesting. If people like the ad then they will retweet it and you won’t be paying for it. Just imagine if your ad is re-tweeted by twitter user with 1 million followers and if few followers retweet again what will be the popularity of your ad ? For this you will really need quality content rather than just a ad.

Check the official blogpost :

Best of luck for twitter ad program from my side. 🙂

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