The Duplicate Content Myth ! Search Engine Penalization


Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 04:55 pm

Duplicate content is one of the most discussed topic always. Many people ask me i was Penalized because i used duplicate content and how can i get rid from it and many other have asked does google kick out because i am using duplicate content.  Today i am giving my view !

No one would love duplicate content ans same rule goes to search engines. Search engines are made to give best result to visitors when they search for any term. If you are looking to buy a movie ticket in Alabama and you find a article about some movie in Alabama you will surely want to kick your PC and will be frustrated. You will be happy only when you find what you are looking for. Search engines always try to give you what you are looking for though they are unable ! They try their best. They are just machines, bots and not real human and have certain algorithm so its tough job. In this algorithm they try to filter the best content/page from similar pages. If you have a page which explains about getting your ex-gf back , there are certainly 1000s  of similar articles already in the Internet so you can never expect getting top result though your article is unique. This is just a algorithm and if you had just copied one of the published article in your site then also the results in search engine would have been same. So there is nothing special with duplicate content. Its just normal issue. Search engines just filter the duplicate but never penalize or kick out !

Internet is world to share stuffs and how can anyone be penalized by sharing content ?

You can feel free post articles from other websites without expecting that you will get top search engine ranking. If you were fast enough to post, lets say there is a news of PM dead and you have a news site. You published the news from CNN.COM to your website by changing title a little within 10 -30 minutes then you may be ranked in top 10 of search engine. Who knows ? Else, you will be nowhere ranked. This also doesn’t harm to you. Just publish one original content and it will be ranked well. When you get traffic from that original content people will also visit your other duplicate stories. There is nothing loss for you by publishing duplicate content.

For those who are worried if someone steals my content, just forget about it. It is good point that people are sharing your content in their sites and you are getting a link back. You don’t have to worry even if your content doesn’t get top ranked and the one who published duplicate got it ! This will rarely happen ! And if it happens also, won’t happen often. 🙂

I say, Publishing Duplicate Content is nothing bad. Its all about sharing stuffs. But if you get lazy and use some auto-posting software that posts all content through RSS or something like that you are surely a bastard and cheater ! EEEE, Lets not say that. Lets say you are a Black-hatter ! Hiyo Black-hatter ! If you can’t write yourself or can’t afford to pay writer then never worry. be cool and publish best stuffs by choosing from Internet that matches your niche. people will surely love it. What if i open ASIACNN site where i only publish asian news from CNN.COM, etc. A group of people will love it.  The only point to be penalized is if you are running a auto-blog that runs with some software or automation tool. 🙂

I am hopeful that you guys are clear on Duplicate Content Myth ! Feel freee to discuss

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