Split, Merge, & Reorder PDF Pages With PDFSam

by Vivek


All of you must be wondering what the title of this article says. “Play with PDF Files”, what does it mean? Whenever we use a PDF file, what else we do instead of reading it? Many would answer nothing. But what will you do, if you have to edit your PDF files.

So, here I am discussing about software which can do all this for you. The name of the software is “PDFsam”. You can do anything with your PDF files by using this software. PDFsam can merge, split, edit, reorder, extract and rotate your PDF documents. We will discuss briefly about its working and performance on each task.

In short, you can say the PDFsam is the total solution for all types of PDF editing actions.

Now let us discuss briefly about this software.

How to merge PDF files:

Assume that, you have two or more than two PDF files and you want to merge them all in one. Then for merging operation, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Launch  PDFsam
  • Click “Merge/Extract” button option from the plugins (left side of PDFsam window)
  • Click “Add” to add files
  • Add files as much as you want merge
  • Reorder them by using button “Move Up” and “Move Down”
  • Select the destination output folder by browsing that location where you want to save the output PDF file.
  • Click “Run”(right downward side)

That’s all; your new PDF file is now at the destination folder.

Now, next step tell about How to split PDF files.

How to split PDF files:

If you have a PDF file and you want to split it into two or more parts. Then for splitting operation, follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Launch PDFsam
  • Click on “Split” button option from the plugins (left side of PDFsam window)
  • Click “Add” to add that file which you want to split.
  • Now select the split option, which means the condition on which you want to split. There are 7 option provided with this PDFsam.
  • Now, select the destination folder for output.
  • Click “Run” (right downward side)

Now, you have done with splitting files.

Now, we proceed towards the reordering process;

How to reorder PDF files:

If you have a PDF file, which had been scanned in wrong order, and you need to rearrange it. Then this you could do with the help of this software. Follow the steps mentioned below for rearranging the PDF files:

  • Open PDFsam
  • Click on “visual order” key option from the plugins at the left sidebar of PDFsam window
  • Click “Open” to add file that you want to rearrange
  • Now you can drag and drop the pages to rearrange
  • Use “Rotate” button for rotating any page
  • Use “Delete” button for deleting any single page
  • Select destination output folder
  • Once done with your editing
  • Press “Run”

You can collect your edited PDF file from the destination folder.

How to use visual Document Composer:

With the help of Visual Document Composer plugins, you can drag and drop PDF pages from the several PDF files and create a new PDF file. This allows opening multiple PDF files at same time.

Follow the steps to perform this operation:

  • Launch PDFsam
  • Select “Visual Document composer” option from the plugins
  • Click “Add” to add PDF files (add several files)
  • Drag and drop pages to the middle pane to create a new PDF file
  • Once completed editing then select destination folder
  • Click “Run”

You are with a new PDF file which contains only your selected pages.

How to rotate PDF files:

It allows rotating the pages of PDF files.

Follow the steps:

  • Launch “PDFsam”
  • Click “Rotate” option from the plugins
  • Add PDF file
  • Mange rotation condition
  • Select destination folder
  • Click “Run”

Your all PDF pages are rotated with your desired condition.

How to use Alternate Mix:

Alternate mix is a plugin which allows merging two PDF files in a new file, if one PDF file contains Odd pages and the other PDF file contains Even Pages.

Follow the following steps to perform this operation:

  • Launch PDFsam
  • Click “Alternate Mix” option from the plugins
  • Add both odd and even files
  • Choose Mix option
  • Set destination file folder
  • Click “Run”

And finally you will get a new mixed PDF file.


These were the operation how to perform over PDFsam. This software is totally free. You can download from here:

Play with your PDF files.

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