How to Make a Computer Long-Lasting

by Vivek

So here we are again with a new article which guides you on “How to make a computer long-lasting.


We all have seen that even new computers very soon become defective. Why? What’s the reason behind this defectiveness? The simple answer is we didn’t pay much attention about our computers life. If we want to give a long life to our computer then we must take care of it. A computer needs much care from us then only it will work properly for long.

Today’s article is about how to care your computer for improving the performance and its lifespan. There are few steps which to be followed for improving the performance.

The very first option to increase its life is:

Do not use regularly for a long period of time:

As the title says, do not use your computer regularly for a long period of time. Most of us keep using their computer days and days without shut down. We all know that, a longer your computer runs, the hotter it gets and hence there is wide chance for your computer to get affected. So we suggest a complete shutdown of your computer regularly at least for a while. Another important thing is that to never choose “sleep mode” or “hibernate mode” rather than shutting down. The computer’s RAM still runs when we choose sleep mode or hibernate mode. We need to shut down completely when it is not in use. And we also suggest to use the proper shut down method to shut down your computer otherwise a disk error may occur which can slowdown you computer’s processes.

The next option to increase a computer life is:

Don’t keep unnecessary things in your PC:

This means, not to keep any file which has been not in use for a long. You can also uninstall all the programs which are not in use, as the installed programs capture hard disk and RAM too. These regular checks of unnecessary files from your computer makes hard disk clean.  Which in result makes your computer more effective than earlier?

You can delete all temp files from your computer to increase its performance. Press “%temp%” in RUN window to get all created temp files of your computer. And the most important thing, don’t forget to clean recycle bin regularly.

Doing this all will free up space and helps your computer’s processor to run faster. Now the third option to increase your computer’s life is:

Regular Defragment of hard disk:

At first we must understand what is defragmentation of hard disk? Defragmentation is a process of finding the non-contiguous fragments of data and rearranges them in in a definite pattern. This process helps in data access with ease and saves hard disk space by rearranging the data more efficiently.

There are much software’s floating on internet which allow defragmentation of your computer hard disk. You can use any of them to defrag you disk. We suggest you to use “Wise Care 365 Free 2.03.149” which not only defrags hard disk but also cleans all error from registry, cleans internet browsing history etc.

Now the fourth important point to make computer live long is:

Regular Update:

Regular updation of programs which were installed in your computer is good for computer’s health. When a program updates, it include some new feature in them which increase its performance in your computer. Once the programs performance will increase then your computer performance will also increase with them.

You can update your operating system too for increasing the performance as it includes many new features which will install after update. But remember, if you are using a pirated version of Windows, then won’t try to update your Operating System. If you do so then your OS may get crashed by the company.

Now the last option to maintain your computer’s performance is:

Regular Virus & Malware Check:

Always use a PC health program to check viruses and malwares. These viruses and malwares can decrease your computer’s performance by slowing down the system. You may think that your system is totally protected from these viruses and malwares but harmful programs can still sneak through and decrease your computer’s performance, especially spyware. They often come via web browser and keep eye on your every action you do on internet. So, you must check viruses and malwares regularly to protect your computer from the harmful attack.


These were the 5 ways which give your computer a longer life. Follow these options and enjoy using a blazing fast experience of computing.

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