SEO for Gambling and Poker

December 13, 2012

There are many casino websites that are interested in getting their site ranked for specific keywords related to gambling and poker. Obviously, the higher they can rank for these gambling specific words the more traffic they can bring to their site. Not just basic traffic, but qualified traffic that is interested in their product(s). They […]

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Mission 2013 By Baba Pandey

December 11, 2012

Life doesn’t go as we think and plan .. but planning is always essential ! It will help us to track how things are actually going and improve the bad parts while being satisfied with the good parts. Lets Talk a Little About 2012 The year 2012 is ending now and i have to say […]

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Tori Reid from Elance (TheWritingCoach2012) – Would You Hire ?

November 22, 2012

Some people are there who are real “shit” and dealing with such assholes can be a nightmare.  I, myself is one of the “such peoples” . 😀 However, when i find another person who starts showing attitude i can’t stop myself from posting here. After all its my personal blog where i post my feelings. […]

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How to share your videos with others

November 15, 2012

Sharing videos with one another is may be an important means of exchanging information. If you are creative enough to shoot or make videos personally then to share those videos, you need some client which allows video sharing with other people. Here we are discussing on such client which allows video sharing option. You can […]

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Bajeko Sekuwa Review

November 14, 2012

If you love Nepali Food, i can assure you Bajeko Sekuwa is best in the town ! The Jhaneko Sekuwa Set is yummiest Sekuwa i ever had.  I had heard about it since long but had never visited because i thought its one of the many such sekuwa corners located in the city. When i […]

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Richest People in the world

November 11, 2012

Here we are again with a list of wealthiest personalities in the world. Here we will discuss on early life, personal life and business life of each person in the list. Let’s have a look over the list: 1.      Carlos Slim Carlos slim is the world’s wealthiest personality in the year 2012. He was also […]

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