Autopilot Income Machines Review

by Baba

Autopilot Income Machines is, basically, a system made up of a well-constructed video course that works as a step by step guide in the way to make quick and easy money pages. This is a course created by Rasheed Ali and Huey Lee, who are well known and respected in the world of internet marketing. Such marketing gurus as Michael Cheney give them a huge recommendation.

This program teaches how to set up prebuilt turnkey websites, then how to get the target traffic you need to those websites without it costing you a penny. When this is set into action, you’ll have some a small income from them but it will be consistent. You’ll be taken by the virtual hand and guided through the easy technical skills that will get you up and running in no time. If you don’t happen to be someone that learns best from watching videos, there’s also a written transcript for you to read.

In addition to the Autopilot Income Machines videos and transcripts, you’ll be shown how to take the right steps to getting free traffic and getting your sites ranked on the very first page of Google. This program will also delve into some more advanced strategies as well as giving you free software that will build your ready-made websites. Not only that, you’ll also get a ton of content that can be used on those website pages along with new content being added constantly that you won’t find anyone providing online for less than $997. You’ll be given approximately 120 websites that are ready to use without you having to do anything to get them up and going.

What You Get

Autopilot Income Machines is a very intense training course that you’ll experience through either the many videos, transcript pages, or both. Huey and Rasheed walk you through every step of the process of setting up your money pages the right way so that you’re sure to start making money from them. They’ll show you the fastest and easiest way of doing that. The course material includes the following:

Section One: Setting Up Your Money Pages (Websites):

  • Lesson One: Understanding Your Money Pages or Website Packages
  • Lesson Two: Getting Your Domain Name
  • Lesson Three:  Getting Your Hosting Account
  • Lesson Four: All About DNS or Name Servers
  • Lesson Five: Understanding the cPanel
  • Lesson Six: How to Customize Your Pages
  • Lesson Seven: How to Accept Payments and Testing


Section Two: Traffic Lessons:

  • Lesson 8: Understanding SEO
  • Lesson 9: Conducting Your Research
  • Lesson 10: Creating Easy Content
  • Lesson 11: Tweaking Your Pages
  • Lesson 12: Your Total Traffic Strategy

Extras: Ten Boosters for Traffic

You may think that all of this would cost you a lot of money but it really isn’t that much when you consider all of the material and software you’ll be getting, the bargain basement price of $37 is really nothing to sneeze at. All of these videos help you understand exactly what you’re doing and leave no room for error.

The Members Area

The Members Area is really a place you want to have access to! This is where you will find a total of 95 products to try out. Each of the products is complete. That means they each have banners, sales pages, and thank you pages. These products have been tested and found to be truly hot sellers. So all that’s left for you to do is to get them set up, sit back, and watch the money start coming in. Obviously, for all of that to happen, you’re going to need the right type and the right amount of traffic coming into visit your pages.

Autopilot Income Machines helps you out with that, too. They’re providing you with article packs that have been optimized according to each individual product. When you use these articles, you’ll be generating new traffic to your newly built websites. These are articles that have been written specifically to target the type of customers you need to buy your products. So in using them wisely, you’re generating all the traffic you need to get you up and going. And it won’t cost you a thing!

In Conclusion

Huey and Rasheed may not be as popular yet as some of the internet marketing gurus out there but they have developed a following already. One of the reasons for this is because of the Autopilot Income Machines program they created. This is proven to be a high quality product that delivers what it promises, and that’s a major accomplishment after seeing so many other scam type products claiming to do the same thing and for much higher prices. You can take this program and use it to sell your own informational products to the people that will be most interested in buying them. For $37, it’s definitely worth at least trying it out to see if the hype is all true. Many testimonials swear that it is.

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