5 most useful Android apps for student:

by Vivek


Technology was and still is useful for students. In fact I would say, without technology, nothing is possible, especially for student. For example, if a student needs additional knowledge, then ask whom? Yes, a teacher. But what if, teacher is not available at that time. Then there is only one way, go and find all the answers from the internet. This is called the use of technology.

However, we are talking about the Android apps. The Five most useful Android apps for student. First of all we must know, what are Android apps? Android apps are application/software that runs on device of Android platform. If you have an Android device then you can get these apps from Google Play.

Let’s see what they are and how they are helpful to students.


We all know that Wikipedia is wide source of information. You can say that it is an encyclopedia, hence very much useful for student. Considering its importance in a student life, this app is positioned at the top in the list.

Wikipedia contains more than 20 million articles in about 280 languages. If you need any help about anything, you can search in this app to get a full description about that. You just need internet connection in your device while operating this app. With the help of this Wikipedia app, you can save articles for further use (when you offline too). This app also gives you an option for sharing articles, just use share button and then soon a window with sharing option appears.

Overall, we can say that this app is the most useful app for a student. Search for Wikipedia in your Google Play from Android Device, and then download it.

Merriam-Webster dictionary:

The second most useful app for student is a dictionary app i.e. Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Each and every student needs dictionary when they get stuck with any word. And I think carrying a thick and heavy dictionary, with them always is quite impossible. Then why not follow a smarter way to get rid from this problem. Use Merriam-Webster-Dictionary in your android device which helps a lot whenever you need a dictionary. This dictionary comes with a vast range of words and their meanings with synonyms, antonyms, audio pronunciation and example sentences.

App can be downloaded from Google Play of your device.

Grammar Up:

The third rank app of this list is Grammar Up. According to its name, this app is generally used for correcting our grammar. We all know that many of us has grammar problem, so let’s start improving our grammar with this android app.

Grammar Up comes with over 1800 questions to improve your Grammar. With the help of this app, one can easily learn to how to use grammar correctly. It also helps in improving our vocabulary and word selection.

Grammar Up is a user friendly app. It displays all its result in HTML formats.

You can get this app from Google Play of your Android device.


This is the 4th most useful apps for students. The main feature of this app is, to convert any type of document into pdf format. While surfing internet, you may get any document which you think is useful for you and hence you want to save it for further use. Just take a snap of it, and then save for further use. It also provides an option to crop image as well as improve its picture quality.

Overall, CamScanner provides a better deal to save any document in pdf format. Download this app from Google Play of your Android device.

Formulas Lite:

The last but not the least app in the list is Formula Lite. Formulas Lite is an app which helps you while studying your subject. This app contains facts and information on various areas like physics, chemistry and mathematics. Not only this, Formulas Lite also contains a scientific calculator, function derivator and binary hex decimal calculator. Another interesting feature of this app is Translator which translates your written English word in any other language. It translates only in that language which mentioned in the list.

This app is very useful for a student who needs high quality calculator, a translator, and list of formulas. Download this app from the Google Play of your Android device.


These were the 5 most useful Android apps for student. Use the technology and learn something new.

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