4 Ways to Avoid Your Laptop from Overheating

by Vivek


So we are again here with some tips to avoid overheating to your laptop.

We all know that, a laptop requires great care. Only after that we can run it for years.

First of all, we must know about the fact behind overheating. The first question is why the laptop gets hot. So the answer is we all know that laptop’s CPU Chip contain many transistors. These transistors produce heat when they are on work. But these transistors do not produce much heat. Then another question is why our laptop gets excess heat. I think the simplest reason for excessive heat is its blocked air vents. But there is much other reason too for overheating.

Now you must be thinking that what wrong these excessive heats can cause to your laptop. This also has a simple answer, due to excessive heat; your laptop might get damaged or might its component get damaged.

I think excessive heat of laptop is a major problem with a laptop. So if your laptop getting heat up quickly then you needs to take it in service center. Otherwise you may lose your laptop.

So if you want to keep your laptop cool, then follow the tips mentioned below.

Compressed Air:

The first method is by using a can of compressed air. This is used when you are operating your laptop in a dusty area. The dust gets deposited over the circulating and cooling vents. These dusts may work as obstacle for the cooling vents. As the cooling vents not working properly, so the most part of heat remains inside. Which in result increases the temperature of laptop to very excess. And this is dangerous for your laptop. So you need to buy a can of compressed air from any computer store. Spray the can on the vents of your laptop. This will remove the dust from the vents of your laptop, and hence the vents will work properly which keeps your laptop cool.


Always keep your laptop on a hard flat surface which avoid choking of your laptop’s vents hence avoid heating.

If we use laptop on bed or pillow, the soft cloths will choke the cooling vents and therefore heat start increasing inside the laptop. So we suggest to not to keep your laptop on any soft or rough surface.

Power off when not in use:

We must switch off our laptop when it is not in use rather than keeping it in hibernate or sleep mode. Keeping laptop in standby mode, uses your laptop’s RAM. So we suggest, switch off your laptop when it is not in use. It keeps a laptop cool and healthy.

Using a cooling pad:

I think the best and the easiest way to keep your laptop cool is using cooling pad. You can buy a cooling pad from any computer store. Use it while operating your laptop. It will definitely maintain the temperature of the laptop.


These were the 4 tips that help you in keeping your laptop cool and healthy. You can also try another way out for overheating of your laptop. It includes a simple technique which avoids overheating quickly. And the technique is about using your laptop in cool area. When outside temperature is remaining cool then it takes a long time for your laptop to get heated.

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