15 Best Cydia System Tweaks

by Loosifer

After the launch of Official App store, Cydia is the best iOS app’s repository. All of know it very well that how difficult it is to be listed in the App Store. Cydia lets you personalize your tech toy and boost up the performance. Apps, packages and tweaks all what you download and get most out of your iDevice. Here we have compiled an amazing list of Best Cydia System Tweaks. All of these will need to be downloaded from Cydia.

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It allows you to customize functions in your device to get most out of it. It enables you to perform any task. You have better control over your iOS with this program.

Want to control multi-tasks? Then try Zephyr and make your device rich in functions.

This is simply the Lord of File management tools. The program allows you to play with your device’s file system. You can cut, copy, paste and move files from one to other folders and do much more.

It simply simply make shortcuts of most used programs like 3G, Wi-Fi and few other settings. You will find a drop down box to control all these functions.

It enables you to sign in automatically in to the iTunes while downloading any new app. You just have to type your password when to download apps.

It allows you to set any song as your alarm clock tone.


You can set your iPhone light according to conditions of room. It automatically heat up the device colors after the noon to match with the conditions.

Many apps blocks or delete Jailbroken devices and doesn’t let them work. This application fixes the issue and let you use those apps.


WeeFlashlight for Notification Center
You can finally make flashlights with your device, just click the button to turn On the camera flash and repeat to turn it Off.

We generally visits the Cydia to remove any package, but no more harassment after this because this tweak let you delete or remove the apps directly.

Some More Cydia Tweaks

Springtomize 2
If you want to use jailbroke then you must have this app. It allows you to jam all your tweaks as one make your phone an ultimate customization machine.

With this app you can add notification to the status bar of any application. Which helps you to check if there is any important notification waiting for you.

iOS lets you make folders to manage and organize your apps but you can’t put more than nine apps in a folder. As the name defines, Infinifolders allows you to put unlimited numbers of apps in a folder.


This amazing app lets you zoom into your screen.This allows you to play games more clearly on your device. With DisplayOut you can mirror the iOS without using any type of cable.

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